October 22, 2009

Been knocked a bit for 6 again this week, so taking it lightly. So here’s the reason behind some of the pages I link to:

Hawley keeps me busy, let’s all read his blog and encourage him to learn to add tags and post himself (me, I do it by adding ridiculous tags until he screams ‘NO! I canna take it anymore!’ – hasn’t worked yet). His blog is whimsical, always amusing and, of course, FABULOUS.

One of my kin in LotRO, unwize explains the game taking the kin by storm. Inspired by Massively it appeals to the explorer in all of us. Head on over to see him write about the game, and explain the rules he set up. Seriously, it’s taken the kin by storm. I’m just FAR too lazy to go looking for scenes, though I’d like to contribute some sometime, I guess.

Another kinmate Berathe is making inroads into blogging. Her poetry is second-to-none and another whimsically serious LotRO-focused blog, with added zombies and horror. Ode to a Laptop is a modern classic.

Spinks is, and has always, been my blogging cohort. We started together and we still talk topics every morning. Just, she tends to write about stuff, and I tend to talk about it. Ha ha. Oh, and in Tobold-esque full disclosure, I should mention we’re also testing the refer-a-friend sick-speed levelling in WoW. It lets me chat to her with graphics behind us, it’s just as much WoW as I can deal with, and I still keep my levels chugging along. Hawley inspired me to make a shaman, but I have zero idea what I’m doing.

These are some of the more personal ones. I’ll go through some of the others as the days go by, because I’m still having a bit of a time away from computers and this eases me back into blogging, while hopefully giving you some useful background into why my blogroll looks the way it does.


One comment

  1. Wotcha Arbitrary,

    I think we’ll all find that it’s your tags that make MMOSH work. That and the fact that every time I try and sort out tags it breaks the intarweb.

    You are also fabulous.


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