Mirkwood Expectations

October 28, 2009

The dev diaries are coming out regularly, drip-feeding us information about the Siege of Mirkwood. And as the 1st December draws nearer I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more. On a purely personal note I want to know about the effect of levelling to 65 on MY character – will we have any new skills and what will they be? How many more traits will I need to do? Will it be fun? Will I still be needed? All the usual worries and hopes for an MMO expansion.

I’m not great at retaining the dev diary info. I wait until nearer the expansion/patch and then read everything. I know the highlights for Siege of Mirkwood:

  • Soldier pets of various builds (dps, buff, tank, heal?) that can be used in Skirmishes
  • The Skirmish system, designed not to take over from questing/raiding, but repeatable, scaleable, and important enough that they scaled back Mirkwood to allow proper development of it
  • Dol Guldur – the new raid
  • New 3-man and 6-man instances
  • 100+ new quests
  • Tweaks to Legendary Item system
  • Naming mounts
  • Annoyingly needing new Mirkwood item xp runes, and Mirkwood weapons

But what do I EXPECT:

  • As Berathe says, many amusingly bad horse names! Am sure all dwarf ponies will be nicknamed ‘Lunch’ and how many ‘Bill the Pony’s will we have? Will it be as insidious as Leggolaaaaas for hunters?
  • More gated content. I’d be amazed if the 3-mans and 6-mans weren’t mandatory in some way before getting to Dol Guldur. I only hope they’re fun instances, and that the 3-mans have use of all classes in various combinations.
  • Scrolls for Legendary Items being rarer than people imagine, at least initially, but with the Skirmish system offering better rewards in that regard
  • A lot of people switching to skirmishes instead of grinding, making skirmishes their own kind of grind. How replayable they are will be the big factor here.
  • Fixed skirmish groups? If I want to challenge myself and do 12-man skirmishing with 8 – is there an incentive to take the other 4? This is my one and only ACTUAL concern with skirmishing. It’s set up to be casual and off-the-cuff, but player behaviour dictates we’ll work out the best reward mechanism, eventually!
  • Lots of complaints about Legendary Items, whatever the system turns out to be. That we will NEVER remember that every year we’re likely to have a level increase and need better weapons because of it
  • That IDOME (capt skill, you know it!) will never scale ;p
  • More reputations, but easier to get to Friend with them through questing
  • That the Lone Lands revamp will be one of the most-needed and more fun aspects of the expansion (saving an alt to play through it)
  • That tailoring will still not produce anything worthwhile, other than the same runes other professions can produce, while jewellery is still the best-selling profession of them all!
  • That we’ll have a ton of fun with the new content, and then complain about wanting more ;p


  1. You summed it up very well, and I couldn’t agree more about the character progression – that’s the biggest piece they’ve yet to mention, so I’m a little concerned there. IDOME will become closer to getting dropped off my list of slotted legendaries, and I have 3 toons all ready for the lone lands 🙂
    However, I think (could be wrong here) that the 3 and 6 mans will be optional for DG just like WW, HoC, and HoM are optional for DN. It will provide another means outside of DN to acquire enough radiance to enter DG and will not be rad gated.

    • WW, HoC and HoM were really good for people who couldn’t get hard-mode groups for the other instances. Especially WW and HoM. Of course, they weren’t launched at the same time as the other Moria instances, so it’s hard to tell what the devs would have done if they’d launched them together.

      I know gating is hated, the devs know it too. And so I hope they’ve come up with something better for Mirkwood, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we do need to do a bit of every other instance before we get to DG!.

      • radiance gating for sure is sticking around – but maybe they’ll look at other ways to gain radiance. Although, with the new token system it appears that we could farm the same instance for the items 😉

  2. I claimed “Tonight’s Supper” for my horse the day the naming was announced. I’ve subsequently seen a post suggesting that nobody else will be able to see your horse name though, which, surely, removes most of the point. I could be mistaken about that: it didn’t seem the most important thing to bookmark 🙂

    It’s just occurred to me that I’m not sure I *want* IDOME to scale: my main (being a LM and getting her own +60 boost) is perfectly capable of hitting the 600 cap on Will with the help of *either* a minstrel or a captain. She comes close to hitting Fate (593, I think) in the same way, and can do so on Vitality with help from both. Even with a 50 point raise on the cap, once I’ve equipped, I’m expecting to be relatively closer to that cap on my primary abilities, and beginning to look at boosting my (so far ignored) Agility and Strength. That doesn’t seem right. Boosting IDOME just means I start doing so earlier. I presume this happens to other classes too.

    (I’m all for increased duration on it though!)

    • Increased duration would work for me 🙂

    • Or, maybe it’s time for us captains to switch out of IDOME anyway. (that was added more for a joke)

      • I actually am seriously considering it – I already have the healing capstone and oathbreakers slotter. And in certain cases I really think Shield of Dunedain might be better. IDOME has been margainalized by not only us hitting the cap, but the diminishing returns of stats with Moria.

        • Indeed unless we get another legendary trait slot and a half-way worthy trait to put into it, it maybe possible that Defy Corruption and Shield of Dunedain will find themselves slotted by my captain.

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