Random thought…

October 30, 2009

They say ‘more than a handful is a waste’ in terms of boobage. Think ANY games designers have heard that? ;p



  1. I think they did. But I think they also are trying hard to please a certain group of adolescent male players. 😉

  2. As a very ample chested woman, I hate when men say that. ;p

    I think the WoW designers did okay in that respect, though. Look at Night Elves, Blood Elves, and Forsaken women: all equipped with average or less than average sized busts.

    • ditto on point 1. And tbh, I think I more often hear the phrase from flat-chested women ;p

      Also think LotRO is pretty good on it. Wonder if MMOs (bar AoC) do well in that regard. Non-MMOs certainly don’t

  3. I just pictured all the developers walking around with these huge comedy clown hands the size of manta rays…

  4. hey hey hey

    Bastila was not busty. Neither were the Jade girls.

    And game /designers/ don’t have any say in boobage, in my experience. Artists make the boobage. Trust me, no one rants about this more than we game designers.

    • Good luck for the launch!!!

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