The Blind One

November 2, 2009

He’s a big, bad, monster deep within Dar Narbugud. It’s a tricky, Thrang-style fight. We’ve been at it a few weeks (I think would have been a bit faster with a fixed group, but our kin practices ‘rotations’ so we often have people new to the fight with us). We can now easily get through 1st and 2nd stage and yesterday got him to 38k on one attempt and then 28k on the next (from 500k). We’re making progress. And soon, it’ll be second nature to handle the transitions.

But for now, he’s my biggest frustration in LotRO. Captains, in our kin, are a rare breed at max level and radiance-d out. We get to go to most raids, which is quite a bit deal as every other class has to rotate between 3-4 players (we have more guardians but one is sitting out the rotation). I’m not a huge fan of rotation on such a wide-scale, but it’s meant to be fair to those who want to raid. Strictly, we’re very close to being able to run two raid groups, just not every week, and we’d be missing the Captains. So it’s a Catch 22 situation.

My personal views of rotations aside, what the situation does mean is that I get to see the fight every week, with both new and old people. I get to judge when I feel it’s gone better, when we’ve taken a step backwards, and I also get tired of the content faster, I imagine. For me this is attempt who-knows on the Blind One (we’re going again tonight after such close shaves), most people know how many times they’ve been. It’s blurring for me. And even if we do it tomorrow, there’s no guarantee we’ll do it next week. I worry I’m burning out a little. I still concentrate on being the best I can be when the fight starts, but I’m not enjoying it like I once was.

Would be nice to finish Dar Narbugud before Mirkwood comes out. I think and hope we will. The boss after The Blind One is supposed to be a lot easier, and is the last boss. I’d kind of like the armour set, as the Captain bonus is actually a decent one for once. Funnily, I’m not usually an ‘achiever’ in raids, I tend to go for the social aspect. Maybe skirmishes will fill that hole soon… though who doesn’t want to go to Dol Guldur and kick Nazgul butt!?

/ramble off.



  1. *hug*

  2. My kin is almost the exact opposite – there’s a fixed group and when we have enough we run two groups – and in addition, we have a TON of captains 😉 The rotation idea sounds like the most fair way to do it but it certainly is not without its own pit-falls. I think no matter how you do it, raiding can be tricky scheduling and keeping folks happy. Almost all kin-drama I’ve seen has revolved around the topic of raiding 😦

    I can certainly see how this would be rough on you, perhaps it is time for a new recruit?

    • or a fixed group!

      I didn’t mean the post to sound whiny. I do enjoy raiding, I just find the current situation a bit frustrating! Rotation is fair in one way, but unfair on those who want to raid all the time.

      It’s really hard to get the balance of fun and fairness, I find. What’s fun for me, may well not be fair for others.

      • I didn’t take it as whiny at all but certainly can understand the frustration. Raiding frustration might just be another truth within MMOs 😉 Of couse, I still love raiding but I’ve yet to find that perfect situation…

        • It is hard to know what is best. A fixed group would be great for those in it but would mean that I, looking at my own situation, would probably be waiting until Mirkwood before I even set foot in DN. Yet a rotating group brings about it’s own frustrations. In an ideal world I would be raiding every week and more than once, which I can’t in a rotating group. But then at least I can get to raid some of the time. Pah. I wish we could run two groups. Wretched radiance. Without that we could.

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