November 3, 2009

I was reading this story about the UK opening its first games addiction clinic when I came across the following quotation:

It’s not unusual for people to get so obsessed with online gaming that they forget to eat and drift towards an anorexic and undernourished state…

While I’m sure it’s true, it’s certainly not true for me! Which obviously means I’m not obsessed or addicted. Hurrah (and bring on the chocolate).



  1. hmmmm… I thought the stereotype of online gamers was that they were obese and overnourished? Interesting…

    I like to make stuff up too! Did you know it’s a well known most journalists have an inability to be monogamous? Proof? Who needs proof? We’re here to be sensationalists!

    … /sigh

  2. It’s never been true for me either!

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