The Painful Truth

November 3, 2009

In a few days time everyone I know will be playing Dragon Age: Origins. Deservedly so. It’s the most anticipated game of the year for my fellow RPG fans, and everything I’ve heard about it sounds pretty magnificent.

Due to some tricky financial restrictions at home, at the moment. I’ve not been able to pre-order, and it’s driving me just a little bit potty. I’m insanely jealous of being able to just go grab a game, but truthfully, I realise we very rarely buy games straight away. It may seem like small change, in the grand scheme of things, but still. I’ve been trying to put off saying this, because I desperately want things to change and for the game to suddenly appear. But it won’t.

I do intend to play some at Spinks’ and to link to some of my favourite and most mouth-watering reviews, the ones that make me want to sod finances and just go buy it anyway…

…but it’s made me feel a bit of an outsider – and deservedly so!

It launches tomorrow in the US and on Thursday in Europe. Know at least one European whose game is in the post already so might get it today. And I may even need some time offline to try and avoid spoilers (had to quit the biofeed twitter when they were doing their big contest in London because they kept talking about bits of the game!).

There’s a couple of other things playing on my mind of late too, but they’re much more personal and annoying. This is just something I should have posted the minute it was decided, but have been putting off, because it feels like a dirty secret, and because… I am a little ashamed of it.



  1. I don’t see why you should feel left out, but then I pretty much NEVER get a game when it’s released — except in this case. And that’s only because we had the money at the time (which isn’t always guaranteed).

    I’ve never been that good at staying with the crowd in any case. Make your own crowd 😀 That said, feeling left out does suck when it happens. I promise I won’t Tweet any spoilers.

    In any case, the damned things haven’t arrived yet! Bah humbug.

    • hopefully you have it by now and you’re playing away, killing elves (oh wait, do you get to do that? I’m sure I can cope with that kind of spoiler).

  2. I’m with you, so don’t feel too left out. I’m actually forbidden to buy games in November/December (even when we have the money) because then no one knows what to get me for Christmas lol.

    • ha ha, I guess that makes sense and also means you know you’ll get some good ones for Christmas.

      I don’t celebrate it, so next present-giving is birthday and I’m trying to remotely work out what I want. it’s a BIG birthday too.


        I didn’t think 40 was much of a big deal but it sort of freaked me out under the surface for over a week. My mistake, in retrospect, was not celebrating it. I decided to do very little and that just made it worse, if that makes sense.

        Not that I have any objections to being my age, but I’d hoped I wasn’t freak-outable about silly stuff like round numbers. (In contrast this year’s slipped by with nary a ripple.)

        • I think I’m grouchy about it because we were going to go climb Kilimanjaro, but husband’s new job means no chance of getting away AT ALL together in the spring.

          So I decided to do nothing. And yes, it’s making it a bit worse. But I’m torn between being apart from husband on the actual day, travelling down to London and not forcing my sisters to come up and visit me.. and just sitting around at home.

          Will be going out with work the next day, but I dunno. I know I’m feeling despondent about it. And I don’t care about the actual age. I just wanted a special birthday!

  3. well, if the current state of their social site is any indication – it might be a while before anyone plays. About all I can do is log in, anything else I do gets lost.

    • can you play without the social site? I hope so!

      • It appears to be working. The site is hosed, but doing things in-game seem to work. I have everything I expected and am in-game 😉

  4. Don’t feel left out, it’s just a single player game. A few days from now everyone will be talking about something else.

    I know how you feel, though. I went through a long spell of having very little disposable income (really I’m still in it, but I got a bonus from one of my jobs that I set aside for games).

    Look at it this way, by the time you get around to buying it, there’ll be a thriving mod community churning out good content and all the bugs will be squashed!

    • It’s not JUSt money, it’s also Mirkwood coming out on 1st/3rd Dec, the fact I really have to get a lot of play to justify spending that money on it, and I don’t have the time or the disposable cash right NOW. Now, when it gets to game of the year edition.. then I might be able to get it.

      Money of course is the prime source. But I did choose the work little, earn little lifestyle.

  5. Wotcha Arbitrary,

    You are not alone. I’ve been very tempted by Dragonage, but I’ll be waiting for the Game of the Year edition as I’ve enough gaming to get done already, and not enough cash…

    Spoilers I don’t mind, being the sort of person who forgets most things (including the ability to tie shoe-laces) after a nights sleep.

    We can sit and Bah Humbug all the happy Dragonagers though. 😉


  6. And then you can have a copy of the game suddenly appear at your door, and not be able to play it. My brother lives in Germany now, but prefers US versions and bought the game for himself using my address. I was SO jealous when I opened the amazon box and saw what was inside.


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