The Return of the Lazy Cyclist

November 4, 2009

In a shameful personal post, I just wanted to comment about today’s bike ride. I’m really good at putting off getting on the bike. I used to bike with my husband almost every day and was at my fittest in years. Then, a knee accident, some new pedals that led to many falls and knocks to my confidence and one of the rainiest winters on record last year put me off. It’s been about a year since I’ve ridden for anything other than the 2 miles to the nearest shops (and even that with some heavy cajoling from my uber-cyclist husband).

I’m nearing 40 and I look very much like a hobbit, barring the over-sized hairy feet, naturally. To get on the bike may SEEM a good idea for my long-term fitness, but I’m so used to being lazy it’s the mental barrier I find hardest.

I’ve been in a definite slump recently moodwise though. Some of it is fallout after my father’s death, some has been Diesel’s bad paw and the vet’s inability to find anything wrong, coupled with some heavy bullying from our other cat Malarkey. It got to breaking point last week, and I’ve spent the last few days in my own little deep, dark Moria of the soul.

Yesterday I cycled to the shops. I said I’d cycle the rest of the week, but I didn’t really mean it. I’m also still adjusting to this 1-day a week work pattern that everyone’s so jealous of. But I’m finding it hard. My only hobby is gaming really, and I just can’t stare at a screen all day. So today, despite my worse nature, I put on my best cycling gear and took the bike out, thinking I’d do 3-4 miles and call it quits.

I did the first ever circuit we learned with a beginners cycling group. It’s right by the house and fairly flat. And it was pretty hard going at points, but I took the longer route anyway and got to 7.9 miles by the time I got home. Not bad since my work commute is 6.3 and that’s what I’d like to get back to, no reliance on public transport, except we are at the start of winter and it gets very wet and cold here.

It felt a bit shameful to go back to the very start of my cycling education 3 years ago, but at least I completed the circuit. And I realised, on the way home, that I should use some of this free time a little more wisely than baking cupcakes we don’t need in the house or lounging around killing time looking at forums.

Luckily I did the cycling in under an hour (just! I told you I was really really unfit and rusty) so I still have all day to play Torchlight, and fight the Watcher in LotRO and feel good that today I didn’t fully waste my time on my own.



  1. I’m proud of you. Hell, it took my mother to come visit and tell me that really we should be walking our dogs every day, garden or no back garden.

    Well actually she’s just hyperactive and SHE wanted to go out and that was convenient, but in this case the ends matter a great deal more than the motives — and for the last 5 or 6 weeks, we’ve been walking the dogs for an hour every day. I can’t say I’ve lost a million pounds (I’m not sure I’ve even lost 3), but I FEEL a lot better. Was hell dragging myself out there the first couple of weeks and the only reason that happened was my mother’s goading presence.

    Do you have someone who really irritates you but you can’t refuse who could perform the same service for you? 😉

  2. In my second year as a student, I lived 3.5 miles from college, and would cycle there and back twice a day (or somewhere nearby in the evening). So about 100 miles a week, with a record (one way) of … erm. How long does Bat of Hell last on a stretched Walkman tape? 8 minutes or so. Through traffic, no less (there are two ways to avoid buses behind you: one is to move sideways, to get out of their path. The other is to out-sprint them.)

    These days it takes me that long to cycle the one mile to work (the traffic is worse though) 😦

  3. Good job!

    It’s too easy to get stuck in front of a screen all day and the games are always more fun when you come to them feeling fresh.

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