Finishing up the Feed Reader

November 5, 2009

It’s clear! I’ve read it all! And with a cat sleeping on my keyboard so I can’t type without hitting her ear (got to love helpful cats). So here goes, with two stories from a variety of blogs this time – one about WAR and one about LotRO:

A lot’s been written about the new WAR free trial, taking out the 10 day restriction and just opening up Tier 1 for free play. WAR is a game that will always be close to my heart and I would definitely boot it up sometime post-Mirkwood and play through some Nordenwatch for old time’s sake. I hope it gets them some extra subs, and going streaming is great too. Of course, it’s not ALL good news, because apparently GOA hasn’t announced a similar scheme yet.

When we were writing The Book of Grudges back in the day, it always frustrated me how much of my time I had to spend talking about the differences between the EU and US experience for players. I thought I’d dropped that as a topic when I switched to a more generic blog, but now it’s raised its ugly head for me in LotRO. Turbine run and develop the game in the US. Codemasters run it in Europe. In terms of server stability and even my own personal experience with GMs, I have no problem with the Codemasters service. But, it did take an age to get EU players access to the Lorebook for editing purposes (a bit of a smokescreen I have to say and one I never got behind, because I think the Lorebook is pretty pointless).

But with the my.lotro service, Turbine has finally produced something related to the game that I am actually jealous of, and which I’m mad at both Turbine and Codemasters for not extending to the EU players. So now to the links, right? Well, both Casual Stroll to Mordor and Doc Holiday talk about the new class-specific lotteries being held on my.lotro at the moment. And this follows some more generic lotteries. It sounds fun, it sounds community-building, and we don’t get it. Grr.

(Spinks just asked if I’d pick an EU service again. It’s looking less and less tempting with each game with a split in service).



  1. Wow, the EU version doesn’t get the my.lotro.com stuff? I had always just assumed it was open to all customers.

    I think most NA players (in whatever game) aren’t even aware of the difference in services offered.

    • Most of the time I don’t even notice it, but then some special promotion will run and it’ll be just another of those ‘argh, why did we go with the EU company’ things. Of course, more people are around on the right timezone, but I’ve rarely had too much lag on US servers.

      EU players don’t have free-to-play DDO either, so just log onto US servers to play it that way.

  2. I think the point of Lorebook was it’s accessibility in game without needing to alt-tab out or have it open on the second monitor, which as far as I know is possible in US and not so (at least not without changing a few game files) in EU version.

    As for my.lotro stuff I’m OK with not having yet another social network to waste my time in (though I still end up there on quite a few occasions), but I wouldn’t mind having access to the digital API behind it, that allows access to your characters/kinships/creeps data without being in game…

    And I’m really tempted to go for US version of the next MMO that has the same split service issues – unless it’s a European MMO. Plus there are always your friends to consider, will they go for EU server or US one…

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