Fun times with Funcom

November 7, 2009

Ysharros reminded me about The Secret World, an MMO I’m totally fascinated about, I just want to see one in a real world setting. I love the idea of paranoia, secret societies, and three factions. I want to see how a classless system works. And I have faith it’ll be interesting enough to give a good shot.

But, it did remind me of my sole concern. We all had fun with the ‘what secret society are you’ test Funcom put up as marketing hype and beta sign-up. And we spanned the three factions Dragon, Illuminati, Templars. Now, you can only pick one, and you only work for that one. I can imagine some groups of friends having some real problems sorting out which faction they want to play together in. Or – will we do something more radical and all play in the same world together, and chat, but play for different factions.

I know as it draws near I’ll be having a few words with friends over which faction seems the best fit for us. Any thoughts how you’ll tackle this?

Fun times!


  1. Been wondering about this too, because iirc it said the guild-equivalent organisation (cabals, I think?) would be restricted to a given faction. If this is true, then people are going to have a hell of a time playing together and I suspect this could seriously impact the game’s success. Sure, you can run around together even if you’re from different factions (at least one the surface), but people have become conditioned to expect the guild framework as a basic cooperative and communications too.

    • On the other hand it wouldn’t really feel like much of a secret society if people from enemy secret societies could join.

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