Charity thoughts

November 9, 2009

The MMO Blog Alliance Charity Drive. First I’ve heard of it, despite my sister being involved! but hey, it’s a good idea, so I thought I’d shove up a quick post for anyone that could possibly read this blog and not any of theirs. Anyone? Bueller?

Go visit their links and peruse all the places you could donate time, money or just a blog post about over the holiday season:

As we all know, this year I’m poor, and will probably therefore donate to a few local causes – one for ovarian cancer since a colleague died of that last year, the hospice my dad died in, and possibly a cat one!

If there was somewhere I could give time that involved a cause I was into, I’d consider that, but I think I’ll be in and out of the area so that might be further down the line.

Maybe we should have a charity levelling contest ;p


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  2. It’s active now =D

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  4. We’re stealthy like that.

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