Quick raiding update

November 9, 2009

Last night we downed The Blind One, for the first time, and got The Mistress of Pestilence down about halfway. Found the last mushroom for the deed, by a stylish case of falling. I won’t spoil how or why, but it was kind of funny.

The first time we get a boss down there’s a definite sigh of relief and a cheer. Followed by a strange pang of fear that we now have to show we can repeat the feat. I’ve said it before, but the second kill is my favourite in any raid. The one that proves it wasn’t just good luck that got us through the fight. Of course, I love the first kill – that goes without saying, but nothing quite beats the sensation of feeling we’ve conquered the fight, and I tend to get that on kill no. 2.

So – looks like we may have a good chance of finishing Dar Narbugud before Siege of Mirkwood launches. Although I’ll miss the Mistress/Blind One fights next week as I’m taking a trip down south for a family lunch, and then to go stay with Spinks and sneak a peek at Dragon Age: Origins, so everything makes sense to me ;p



  1. Excellent work! I’m sure you’ll all manage the mistress before December.

    • Indeed! Congratulations!

      I guess I’ll offer to replace you next week, unless the raid leader prefers to have Errol along… so if I do get to go I’ll most likely need a lot of info/advice from you, not that I could ever replace you with our play styles being slightly different. 😉

      • I believe Feor is away for the next few weeks, and besides, was going to suggest you when I tell them I can’t make it ;p

        You’ll do fine, but will def give you a run down of the fight and what to look out for in terms of people um.. not acting as expected. ;p

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