Cynical amusements

November 13, 2009

Ok, we’re getting a skill upgraded at 62 for the Mirkwood expansion. Be still my beating heart!

Instead of worrying about it, I’m going to assume it’ll be a pretty rubbish skill getting some kind of enhancement so discussed with a fellow cynical Captain last night. We decided to put our money on Inspire (and we’re hoping it isn’t Inspire! While I can see it one day becoming a very useful tool for the shield-brother toolset, there’s other things I’d like them to look at first).

Thought I’d commit it to the blog so we can all laugh about how wrong I was.

Any other classes care to take a wild stab in the dark before any devs reveal it? Or other Captains want to think of another skill they could use instead.



  1. Perhaps every class will get an upgrade to help deal with a specific new mechanic that they are introducing, similar to the corruption removing upgrades in MoM.

    So, varying length immunities to terror, perhaps?

    • Indeed, I can see them adding a terror removal to Muster Courage!

      That would work, but it’s a bit of a cop-out too. Maybe we’ll get spit guards also ;p

      • Muster Courage is already overloaded with Fear removal and Self-Heal (with appropriate trait). So I don’t see that happening. 😉

    • If it’s anything like corruption removal skill then they will probably gate it with 3-4 skills for captains again so as to make it not usable in a pinch…

  2. One big change is that skills that are supposed to interrupt enemy spellcasts will now over-ride everything else you’re doing. That’s actually a huge functionality upgrade, I’ve had exactly the wrong timing and had to watch my character do two separate things between the time I push the button and the time he tries to clobber, which is almost always too long.

  3. Like unwize I can imagine our moves will be similar to the anti-corruption mechanic, although it’d be nice just to have a kinda crappy move become powered up for no other reason than to give us an awesome move.

    For the captains maybe Grave Wound giving a slow?

    As for runekeepers… perhaps a more effective distracting winds or self-power-return, with smaller cooldowns, although personally I would love a sigil of healing upgrade that allows power restoration too ^_^

    • Re: Slow for Captain’s Grave Wound – it would have been nice indeed, but I highly doubt it. As everybody (creep and freep alike) would cry out that captain is overpowered once again, like he ever was… and I seem to remember devs being opposed to giving captain a slow in the past.

  4. I can’t help but feel some disappointment in this as well. I wonder if this is something that was pushed to the side because other skills didn’t work or because of other features like skirmishes.

  5. I’d been puzzled, as soon as they announced the cap to be increased by five levels, since we’ve always had active skills at even levels. So either they were doing something strange, or there was going to be no new skill to rush off and learn when hitting the cap. In fact, it looks like they’ve gone further back than that, and the last three levels may be pure grind, with no character advancement at all (other than access to better kit, if you can get it).

  6. Idris, wasn’t one of your suggestions on TS for level 62 skill – “Withdraw”? You should have listed it in the blog post! 😉

    • I know, I was SO sure they wouldn’t touch withdraw I didn’t even put it in as a ridiculous suggestion (but yes, we did discuss it!)

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