Mirkwood, briefly

November 18, 2009

I’m having to rely on the time I have to read people’s thoughts now the NDA is down, and I’m sure there’s a lot more useful info out there. But, early in the morning, here’s my initial thoughts:

  • Yay, forgot my hunter alt is a whisker from 30. Can try some low-level skirmishes to see what it’s like.
  • Will. Hrrm. Can’t remember what my Will is like. I may need to do some serious re-equipping. This kind of sucks.
  • Dol Guldur armour is f-ugly (for capts, all I care about), but I like its name. The stats are apparently dps-oriented, and the 5-set bonus sounds rubbish. (all taken from captain threads on the Turbine forums, which aren’t behaving for me right now)
  • But yay, my 2h sword can stay as a legitimate weapon  equal to halberds now. It looks good. But will have to butter up unwize to make me a higher level one (maybe a swap for some burglar tools, eh?), also my friendly armourcrafter for a better emblem (at last).
  • I actually joked about an improved Withdraw with a fellow captain, since it’s a skill I really never use. It was such a joke I didn’t blog it, and that’s what we have. Ho hum!
  • Looking forward to the content though!


  1. It seems pretty much every class’ skill upgrade was a bit naff. For Burglars they improved the range and induction time of our Cure Poison skill, but why even bother when salves and draughts have half the cooldown and the Hunter variant is still vastly superior?

    I’m sure I can manage a few swords until you get one with desirable legacies!

    • Relentless Strikes are now Remorseless Strikes and apparently the upgrade is smexier than the updates to skills of other classes. I am speaking about Champions.

      I am a bit concerned about “Dagger Champions” – with so many crit magnitude legacies and skills this is a real giveaway that Champions should definitely go for increasing their crit chance.

      • As far a I know, crit. rate is still maxed at 15%, with only debuffs like Counter Defence taking it higher.

  2. Loremasters get to upgrade their Cure Wounds skill to … Cure Disease at the same time! How often do we need that? How hard is it to invoke two short skills, one after the other? And it’s out of combat only, like normal wound removal unless traited. So it’s not as though there’s time pressure to mash both buttons.

    I’ve got a full set of crafters as well, although unwize will beat my weaponsmith on levelling and rep.

    • Err, perhaps, though I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to play in the next month or so!

  3. Well guardians get Brutal charge. Very useful considering the many times I’ve wanted to run into battle inflicting the maximum amount of damage and not been able to. What do they think we are, champs 😛

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