The Cat, Nerfed

November 22, 2009

Larky, with her new pink nails, courtesy of Soft Claws. It’s a bit of an experiment for us, but so far she’s not been acting any different with them than without! (and yes, it was my cruel decision to go with the pink and not the cool black option).



  1. Nice. I will keep them in mind, in case I should get a cat that does not behave or have a predictable scratching pattern. But we have a cat who occasionally scratches herself so much that she loses fur and even starts bleeding, this might be the right thing for her.

  2. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  3. Snoopy has just found out how fun it is to climb up curtains – any and all. My wife is not amused…

    • Diesel broke our blinds within a month of us getting him, queuing husband to say ‘we’re going to be getting curtains, eh?’

  4. Hey Arb, you have hairy hands!

    (And damn you, why did you not find this 10 years ago when my cats were scratching my furniture?!)

    • hehe, my husband’s first appearance on the blog 🙂

  5. We tried these with our cats, but they just sat around and bit them until they fell off 😦 We got the idea from a friend of ours who uses them, and they work great for him and his cat, but mine are apparently too prissy to deal with them lol

  6. I thought cats need to scratch things to wear their nails down, sort of like humans cut ours.

    Won’t his claws grow a bit long or are you going to cut them?

    • as the nails grow naturally underneath, the rubber tips fall off.

      Then we clip nails again and can re-tip them. But right now, it’s all just an initial experiment.

      She seems to be doing great, only had one missed jump so far and is still trying hard to scratch stuff. But immediately she’s also not scaring other cat as much.

      • Sounds perfectly manageable. And they look rather stylish. Pop princess style painted fingernails.

  7. I LOVE IT!

  8. I got some Soft Claws some two weeks ago, and they are working. She did not remove them, nor did other cats. This also helped her recover from her nervous issues. She is still a rather nervous cat, this will probably never change, but she cannot hurt herself anymore (Don’t ask me why she is like that, her sister is quite the opposite).

    So yeah, I can recommend Soft Claws.

    • Aww, I’m really happy they worked out. We have to do our first reapplication this week as all the claws have grown out now – not quite 4 weeks, but then Larky is a bit of a terror and has been chewing them 🙂

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