Phew, Moria defeated

November 23, 2009

Last night, a little against my expectations we took down The Blind One (for the second time, and on our first attempt, yay) and then went on to kill The Mistress of Pestilence on our third try. Against expectations because I wasn’t sure how many attempts we’d do in an evening, not because I don’t think we’re capable (of course, kinmates read this blog, y’know!).

So, with that, aside from what seems to be a bugged quest in Dar Narbugud, I have now finished all the content in Moria, a week before we get Mirkwood. This I like. It’s not that it hasn’t involved a lot of grinding and time-killing to fill the time between raids (for me), but it feels satisfying nonetheless.

I wish, sometimes, I was a bit slower with content. But I love the game, I love to hang with my friends there, and I only work one day a week. This is a combination that means I rush into things headfirst when they’re new, even if I read every bit of quest text I’ll still finish before the majority, purely on the time I can chuck at it.

I’m also fairly resilient to grinding. More than many. As an example, I have accumulated 350 silver branches and 100 gold leaves (mostly through crafting instances), and spent a good many more back in the day! I’ve done most of the hardmode instances a lot more than 6 times, and I’m happy that way. I switch on a podcast and spend my time in Middle Earth, doing whatever I need to do to stay there. Have taken a few weeks to be on there less in preparation for Mirkwood, but once it launches I know the skirmishes will keep me pretty busy, as well as quests, instances and raids.

But, it does feel kind of nice to be able to finish DN. Now we have to go back to help people get the 4-pieces for the resistances, and for them to have the same feeling of satisfaction in completing one raid before we look to the next!



  1. Congratulations!

    I don’t think I’ve ever reached the “end” of the content before an expansion comes out in ANY MMO. And I’m not likely to start here either.

    Maybe STO though… *strokes invisible evil grand vizier goatee*

  2. Yay, grats!

  3. Congratulations. 🙂

    I hope that I can at least get my 4th piece of radiance gear and maybe kill the Watcher before Mirkwood gets released. TBH, the lower levels of Moria are too much scifi for me. Interesting design for sure, but quite out of context IMO. I know they struggle to deliver something else than Orcs and Wargs, and the foundations of Moria were probably the best and only place where they were allowed such liberties with the lore.

    P.S.: Thanks god they are adding the tokens for radiance gear. The odds are quite bad if you cannot make your guild or randoms agree on 6 runs in a row so that everyone gets the coin. Which is quite hard to do for some harder or more longish dungeons.

  4. Grats!

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