St Andrew’s Day thoughts

November 30, 2009

This morning, I can’t recall a computer game that’s had a good Scottish accent in it.

Is it because I mostly play MMOs and have never recovered from WoW accent-abuse?

Would be interested of any people can think of (bear in mind if Dragon Age has good ones, I haven’t got to them yet).


  1. I could be utterly wrong, but I have hazy memories of one of the versions of GTA having a crazy Spud-like Scotsman in it. Might even have been voiced by Ewen Bremner.

    Or did I dream it?

    • I have a standing boycott of all Rockstar games ;p

  2. Looked it up, and I had the wrong member of the Trainspotting cast – it was Kevin McKidd. He was also in Modern Warfare 2, apparently.

  3. Don’t remember if it’s good or not, but in Age of Empires III there is a Scottish character.

  4. Hmmm… I have no idea, but from the 3 days I was lucky enough to spend in Edinburgh almost 10 years ago, I’d have to say that the Scottish accent has to be the sexiest accent I’ve ever heard. I love it! If you happen to find any games with a good one, let me know 😉

  5. I think I can say on good authority: there aren’t any good Scottish accents in DA.

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