Relics, and the crafting thereof

December 4, 2009

With the Siege of Mirkwood, Turbine introduced a category of Legendary Item (LI) relics that are crafted and fit into a 4th slot on your LI. Here’s a quick guide I drew up for my kin this morning (with help from Feor!):

For each craft there are three types of relics you can craft:


(1 day cooldown)*

+10 to a stat/+power or morale (can be traded, pre-deconstruction)


Requires 61+ LI

(3 day cooldown)*

+20 to a stat/+power or morale


Bind on Acquire,  Requires 65 LI

(1 week cooldown)*

Choice of:

  • Symbol of Battle – +390 Melee Crit Rating, +390 Melee Offence Rating
  • Symbol of Accuracy – +390 Ranged Crit Rating, +390 Ranged Offence Rating
  • Symbol of Tactics – +390 Tactical Crit Rating, +390 Tactical Offence Rating
  • Symbol of Vigour – +390 Outgoing Healing rating, +390 Tactical Crit Rating

*cooldowns are on crafting the barter items needed to make each relic

Craft specifics

Each craft has a specific stat they can raise on the Purple and Teal relics, both of which can be traded. The Gold relics are Bind on Acquire!

  • Tailoring – +Fate
  • Weaponcrafting – +Vitality
  • Metalsmith – +Might
  • Cook – +Morale
  • Jeweller – +Will
  • Woodworker – +Agility
  • Scholar – +Power

Each guild craft trainer has three reputation-style recipes you can make and then trade in for one of the relics. For example, for Tailors, there are three types of tapestry, and I bought them from the Tailor’s Guild Legendary Recipes trader in the Tailoring Guild house at Esteldin.

Each recipe requires slightly different leathers and ingredients. The one with the least ingredients and no special requirements is the +10 relic. Then the +20 relic requires a Compendium of Middle Earth I, and the gold relic needs a Compendium of Middle Earth II – as well as other normal ingredients.  Once the barter item is made, you trade it in at the Guild Leader.

Compendiums of Middle Earth I & II

New special ingredients, brought in with the expansion. But do not fear, there are at least two ways of getting them. First, daily quests:

  • Myndil (Relic-Master of Flaming Deeps) wants you to kill orcs and worms for ingots (15) and worm scales (10). Can choose Compendium of Middle Earth I, a selection of relics or a Moria iXP (item experience) rune as quest rewards.
  • Legindir (Relic-Master of Ost Galadh in Mirkwood) wants 25 pieces of pristine webbing from the Scuttledells (level 65 quest). Can choose Compendium of Middle Earth II, better relics or a Mirkwood iXP rune as rewards.

Alternatively, you can trade for them at Curiosities vendors at Skirmish camps. The costs are:

  • Compendium of Middle Earth I: 301 Skirmish Marks, 1 Third Mark
  • Compendium of Middle Earth II: 603 Skirmish Marks, 1 Third Mark


  1. Useful. It normally takes me ages to get my head around this sort of information.

  2. […] are crafters and are wondering how all the new relics work, there’s a great explanation over at Nerf the Cat, so check it […]

  3. Most helpful! many thanks.

  4. I went to weaponsmith guild at Thorin’s Hall but I didn’t see any recipes to craft relics. I did get the three recipes available for the reputation items and made one of each. However, I didn’t see where they could be traded in for a relic or relic recipe. Obviously I’m doing something wrong, any advice?

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