Postcard from Dol Guldur

December 8, 2009

When I reached the lofty level of 63 in Siege of Mirkwood, I was informed my healing needed to be tested in the 3-man instances in Dol Guldur. Scary! 

Have now seen two of them and am going to stay pretty free of spoilers here, since I know lots have yet to peek in. But the two I’ve seen (Warg Pens and Sword Halls) were short, manic, and fun. And we’re learning so much each time.

Then, when more people were around, we decided to peek into Sammath Gul – the 6-man instance (we did wander into the raid, but very very quickly wandered out again!). Anyway, I don’t do many screenshots, so here’s a random and not very spoilery one of a room we cleared in Sammath Gul (see, you don’t even get to see the mobs!!! I’m so kind). I kind of want some of these curtains for my house though… watch out, minions of Sauron, we’re stealing your designer…



  1. Im in ur lair, stealin ur curtains! 😀

  2. I’ll be curious to see how others think these instances are compared to the level 60 ones – any thoughts yet? I haven’t run them yet myself, but hope to get a chance this weekend.

    Oh and having those curtains as a housing decoration would rock 😉

    • There’s a lot of new stuff to learn with the distributed damage and fright and also new mob behaviour that means a lot of running around crazily.

      Of course, we’re playing in DN radiance armour and what are now underpowered LIs, but it seems like I take a lot more damage than I once did.

      But the instances are fun, and they have clues and hints to make them easier. There are things to interact with to assist fights, new tiered corruptions which you can use to your advantage and then, as I mentioned, some new mob behaviours.

      They feel a step up in complexity from the level 60 instances, but the two 3-mans I’ve done are quite short, am guessing the final one is too. And currently, they are most definitely a challenge. Hoping to do the dungeons tonight, since we forgot it existed in our quest to hardmode the SWord Halls (which we did, yay!)

  3. Awesome! 🙂 I noticed the trend to shorter but more challenging content already in the Hall of Mirrors and the Waterworks.

    I am so excited, I am about to try them in a few minutes. At least I hope so. Be prepared for guaranteed spoilers in my probably 50+ screenshots for each instance! 🙂

  4. I just hope they are not like the final Hall of Mirrors boss. I’ve decided that that Boss fight is my MMO Nemesis.

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