Still Alive

December 22, 2009

I am, the blog is, I’m just a bit under the weather and finding time or something to say isn’t my priority.

In LotRO, I’ve been running the 3-man and 6-man Dol Guldur instances, finally finished all the Mirkwood quests (bar the raid one) on my Captain. And slowly getting Minstrel up via Lothlorien repeatable quests. It’s incredibly lazy but pretty good rep, xp and not much killing – which suits my minstrel well.

In Dragon Age – I’m in the final fight, somewhere. But died, saved and haven’t had a chance to go back yet. And now letting my husband have a play at it. It’ll happen, before 2010!

In other news – moved my computer up to the study. A 3rd bedroom in the house that started as a study for my husband and then became a dumping ground for ‘stuff’. So we cleared that out on sunday and moved the computer up. So I now have my own little den. It’s pretty cool. But further from the kitchen. Oh noes!!!


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  1. Merry Christmas, Arbitrary!

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