The Boss of Many Typos

December 24, 2009

Sammath Gul – the dungeon I’m specifically missing an accent on because I’m lazy (in a post about typos, what next??!).

It stands as the 6-man jewel in the Dol Guldur cluster and I’m not going to do a spoilery post. Not about tactics, placement, fights, loot, etc. Well, a little about loot. So stop reading here if you don’t want to know how many medallions it’s worth.

With that out the way, it’s worth 10 medallions when run-through on hard-mode. There’s nice loot. There’s a chance to drop the item needed to craft second age level 65 items. A smallish chance. An annoyingly small chance, considering the lottery of Legendary Items.

It’s also quite a learning curve. Which is good. It means even us die-hard ‘run in and kill’ people have had to learn tactics. It means, I, as our traditionally captain-y main healer, have died a LOT in these hallowed halls. But it’s still a good romp.

The one thing that prays on my mind is how the super-special third boss has an identity crisis. His name is Gorothul. He’s mentioned in the epic storyline. In fact, he plays a role in it. No spoilers, so not saying what. But suffice to say, he’s not a red-shirt of the Evil (TM) World. And yet, even in the challenge quest text his name is spelled wrong as Gorthorul. Then, when he dies, he’s Gorthul. Obviously, he has issues with the letter ‘o’ and its placement in the world!

I’m guessing this got through QA and beta-testing because people weren’t killing him a lot, and it’s the most obvious typo mistake I’ve found in Mirkwood, and never fails to annoy me. Enough to kill him more diligently, I dunno – he’s a hard fight, is all I’ll say there. Maybe because Turbine gave him such a deep-rooted and worn-on-the-sleeve identity crisis.


One comment

  1. SoM is riddled with typos in a way no previous content has been. I’m assuming this is why:

    “Lord of the Rings Online developer Turbine has made a number of staff redundant at both its Massachusetts and California studios…the positions were in QA and Account Management.”

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