Quickie (another update)

December 30, 2009

I will really return to the blog soon, just stuff keeps getting in the way. Expect talk about the new Dol Guldur instances, daily quests, alts, Bioware and SW:TOR, and Dragon Age.

So here’s what I’ve been doing over the holiday break:

1. Finished Dragon Age as human mage. Satisfying, but started over again immediately as Dalish rogue. Unsure whether to go dual-wield or archer, any thoughts/recommendations accepted!

2. Run Sammath Gul (6-man) numerous times, both with additional healing help and as main healer. I had my faith in my skills both damaged and then restored by fine-tuning of tactics. Who knew? Tactics can help ;p

3. Have similarly become more comfortable with Sword-Halls and Warg-Pens (3-mans) on hard-mode. Next, to conquer the dungeons! Have done it once, failed hard-mode, no spoilers please – we’re working on it!

4. I finished Dragon Age. Worth nothing as previously finished games can be listed!!! Ultima 6, Diablo II, Final Fantasy X and X-2. I think that’s it. Seriously. I have attention issues ;p

5. Worked on my minstrel alt, after leaving her at 60 for a year. It’s been frustrating, hard, and annoying. But am determined not to let her languish again. That being said, the thought of a radiance grind is fearful, and her deeds (while good enough for Rift runs) are woeful. Expect lots of emo about her in the future. I’m not one of the world’s natural alt-ers.

6. Saw Sherlock Holmes in cinema. Great little romp, gave me more ideas for Steampunk Ars Magica char I need to work on before I join a friend’s campaign. Scary, never used the system before and wonder if my idea will even work.


  1. A Steampunk Ars Magica campaign. Now that sounds good! Once you get to grips with the way Ars Magica and it’s magic system works, and at first it seems pretty complex, you can combine any techniques and forms you like to create your own magic spells giving you great freedom.

    • I think I’m going to randomly say ‘I want to play a fae alchemist’ and make the GM sort it all out for me. i do have the rulebooks to read, but that’s not as much fun!

      • Wotchas,

        Try having a brief look at the Castle Falkenstein rpg if you want inspiration for characters in a world of steampunk and magic.

        The system was awful, but the ideas, ah! Wonderful.


  2. I guess I will have a hard time to make my guild run the dungeons again for screenshots – nobody likes them.

    It is all Sammath Gul and Sword-halls. Moria instances were not as boring. Running SG just to get this Celebrimbor stuff and because of slight to real gear upgrades does not interest me much, and raiding BG… for that I would have to join another guild. Not enough players in this one. Mine has SG in the raid (!) calendar… xD.

    • I will do a Dungeons post especially for you. I quite like them, it’s clever design. But, to spend 1.5h carefully freeing prisoners to die horribly in a very swift end battle if you don’t/haven’t read spoilers, is a bit disheartening!

      I hope the Symbols are barter items soon.

  3. For your DA:O Rogue, both paths are fun – I went archer first run through (I’m sure you know why this may be helpful later on) but that’s also when dual-wield was broken. Now that it is fixed, it is better (running a dual-wield warrior now) but certainly you’ll want to team that with the assassin line.

  4. The Ars system is incredibly flexible. Anything can be made to work. Steampunk AM sounds like fun!

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