I’m bored so..

January 8, 2010

Any questions you want to ask me, I’ll answer. About LotRO, Dragon Age (and my playthrough), the TV I watch, holiday plans for next year, how my husband lets me get away with playing games, Diesel and Malarkey…



  1. Tell me about Dragon Age, and do you think you’ll want to get the expansion?

    • I will do a proper blog post about Dragon Age, because it needs it really. I enjoyed it, though found some of the pacing annoyed. I guess at some points I wanted to hurry through side bits to get to what I wanted, others I took my time with. I played as a female human mage and played it through pretty po-faced and good, not necessarily super-good, but very worthy.

      Now I have a Dalish rogue (female also), and I’ve just completed the Fade and am on my way back to Redcliffe. Finding more quests I didn’t notice the first time, and went to get Shale from the get-go for witticism and my own amusement. I think 2 playthroughs might be it for me for a while.

      Definitely want the expansion, already unsure of which char I like best as I didn’t really spec my Mage all that well!

      Am also pleased expansion due out between our birthdays ;p Have told Marcus what to buy me!

      • I read that the expansion offers a free respec.

        • I got the respec mod anyway, but even my respec was a bit crappy ;p Still, before the expansion I may go respec her.

          Just am enjoying the rogue now, she’s less stuffy and prone to be a bit naughtier.

  2. With you having enjoyed Dragon Age so much, has it made you more inclined to give Mass Effect another go?

    • The shooting put me off more than anything else. I guess it makes me much more likely to give it a proper shot, but I have to finish my 2nd playthrough of DA, and the expansion before I consider it properly.

      Maybe I’ll start it over next week and see if it grabs me more. I’ll definitely approach it with less haste and more talking

  3. Wotcha Arbitrary,
    What new television programme are you looking forward to, and why?

    • Long term – Game of Thrones. We should hear in March if HBO has picked it up for a proper season. And based off a book series I should have read years ago, but which I discovered due to guild talking about it in LotRO.

      Short term – I can’t wait for Glee to start in the UK, for Law & Order: UK to return (I’m a sucker sometimes), Being Human season 2, the final series of Ashes to Ashes (not cos I like it that much, but because they offer us some answers re: Sam Tyler). Most of the things I’m looking forward to are new seasons – Lost, Supernatural, even 24 with Katee Sackhoff!

      • Game of Thrones.

        Please please please please O please
        /sacrifices ferrets

        • Yep, my ideal is for it to be picked up in March and them to show the pilot at Comic Con!! I have my fingers crossed.

  4. When will the South of England get back to normal. Uni closed, Nursery closed, Snow bound and Cabin fever setting in.

    • It will never recover from the trauma of snow. Never. To relieve cabin fever (since we’ve had it since Xmas), I suggest making silly online purchases, experimenting with odd recipes using ingredients you have at home that don’t normally go together and playing too many computer games.

      Realistically, it takes a while for the South to get over bad weather. While we in the North wonder why our weather traumas are never reported as thoroughly.

  5. Bet Being Human is on your TV viewing list but what other shows, that start soon, are you planning to watch?

    • Glee, Ashes to Ashes, 24: S8, Lost: S6 (*sob*), Supernatural (my fave), Chuck, Dollhouse, Fringe, True Blood, and to finish watching Misfits and Paradox off the PVR as soon as my husband has time!

      Such a cult TV junky, but I see it as training for Comic Con 2010!

    • Also, I Adore Being Human! (of course)

  6. If you were to recommend a great movie or two, which would it be?

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