Little links from a tired mind

February 4, 2010

First of all, you should all go listen to the Casual Stroll to Mordor podcast. It’s well put-together, interesting to listen to and well, in the latest one they interview Turbine developers about skirmishes, and come out with some juicy information!

Secondly, go read Syp’s article on games journalism. I only read a couple of ‘journalist’ sites since I became a part-time blogger, mostly because of the things he describes.

Then, Melmothulhu from KIASA found a link to some awesome Macbook stickers. I’d get one for my husband but he likes his aluminium pristine ;p I especially like the Snow White one, for its usage of the apple, but I’d BUY Iron Man, naturally.

And, once you’ve seen the season 6 Lost premiere on friday/monday/whenever you get it in your country you should go read Mo Ryan’s comparison between Lost and Supernatural (there may be the odd Supernatural spoiler for S5 in there too, since the UK hasn’t started it yet. So I include this with spoiler warnings, but I have a few US readers who might enjoy!


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