Captain Awesome! Or is that Awesome Captains?

February 9, 2010

Volume 3, Book 1 brings us captains some joy for a change. I was pleased, then dejected, and am now pleased again – pleased enough to blog about the changes as a lifelong lover of Captains (especially my own!).

So, what changes are we getting?

Captain skills requiring an OnDefeat event will now generate an OnDefeat event themselves if they kill a monster.

This is something Turbine have been working to give us for a while, I believe it’s how the mechanic was always meant to work. It seems all our waiting may have finally paid off and we can now chain an on-defeat event by killing something with another one. Won’t happen all that often, but I’m not looking this one in the mouth. A hearty hurrah!

Captain heralds will no longer gain 100% absorption from Shield of the Dúnedain.

A needed fix. I haven’t used a herald in a while, though I did a few weeks ago to see what it was like. Never really used Shield of the Dunedain on one too, but obviously this needed fixing.

The Last Stand effect now applies at the earliest possible moment in the skill execution.

Another fix, and a needed one. While nothing changed with Last Stand in Mirkwood, it was firing off a bit too slowly to be the ‘last stand’ moment that it should be, leading to some deaths for me – even if it didn’t make the group wipe because I had In Harm’s Way up anyway. Captains asked for this to be looked at, Turbine listened and agreed it was meant to be a split second kind of decision. We’ll see how it plays out, but at least they have tried to do what they can, and I think we’ll return to using Last Stand and counting on it.

Deeds before Words will now increase Inspire’s healing.

I’m increasingly considering speccing with Deeds before Words. But this is basically a bug-fix. It worked, then it didn’t, now it will again. So all is well.

But what we really really care about (other than Last Stand), is the new level 64 skill:

Watchful Shield Brother – Adds a boost to maximum morale and a power boost to the toggle effect.

1. I like the name, and I am growing to think the shield-brother mechanic is not a bad place to look at future tweaks to Captains. Especially if they ever do like Warhammer and give us a couple of targets (call them offensive and defensive, but either way…)

2. Adding morale and power, always good. And I was happy to read about it, until I read Captains on Bullroarer report it was +105.6 Morale and +154 Power – then I got dejected. This is kind of rubbish, barely a hit from a level 65 mob… no-one will really notice it. But hey, it would still have been an increase!

3. So Captains whined a bit, suggested things they would have liked instead for the 64 skill. And someone came up with the idea of adding in-combat morale/power regen to Watchful Shield-Brother instead of bare stats. Sounded like a good tweak to me. Lo and Behold, Turbine listened and yesterday Zombie Columbus added the following to the Captain forums*:

Based on player feedback, Watchful Shield-brother’s max power and morale will be replaced with increased power and morale regen rate for Book 1.

We still don’t know the numbers, but even small, I think they’re more useful than base stats – we already increase those for people with In Defence of Middle Earth!

So, all in all, I say Roll On Volume III – it’s nice to have a good class change to look forward to (and let’s hope the tradition of leaving the class with one silly bug has been vanquished!)

*thanks to my fellow Captain Tirnel for pointing this out to me, in twitter



  1. wow, that is good news about the new skill!

  2. oh noes! my name gets dragged through the press… I’m infamous now! Even when Tirnel dies, his name will live on! 😀

    to top that I’m also a Muse according to twitter ;D

  3. […] as this regen remains constant in combat where it is needed the most.  This was actually a player-made skill request and Arbitrary believes that it will be a positive change.  I tend to agree with her and think […]

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