Secret Squirrel

March 25, 2010

As Berathe has pointed out, more eloquently than me, I’m arranging the second in a series of ‘secret santa’ arrangements for our LotRO guild. The first was a Christmas sweet swap, where we bought local sweeties to mail to guild members, Easter seemed to suggest chocolate, and yesterday I received a very posh little Easter egg as part of the swap. Was awesome.

It reminds you that guild members are real people, and it’s always nice to get little surprise packages in the post.

And it led to me chatting with Spinks yesterday about how one of our guild members is keen on a cheese swap sometime. I think that’s more because they all know I hate cheese, and because we have plenty of members living in good cheese-producing regions. It’s not a bad idea. I think the best swaps to do are those where something very local can be sent – because that highlights the diversity of a guild/kinship.

But, that didn’t stop us joking about what other swaps we could have, which included a ‘random’ swap (proper Secret Santa style), a sock swap (blame Spinks) and a recipe swap (where you provide the non-perishable ingredients too).

I don’t want to swamp people with it though, so it may well take a rest till Xmas 2010… and then I will put a poll up for the guild to decide. I’d love to do a wider one too, with other guilds, or with twitter friends, but I wonder if the organisation would kill me…

[and, because I chose to post today – a big happy birthday to my sister, Spinks]


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