LotRO Funk

April 22, 2010

I logged onto LotRO tonight, determined to make a triumphant return to the game – to join in with a kin activity and to just knuckle under and remember why I enjoy the game.

It didn’t go according to plan.

I grumped at people, ended up in a smallish but nice group of people, but faced with a really hard fight to be sole healer for. We did fine, until that last fight. Then died. And died again. And it doesn’t really matter whose fault it was because it made me feel like it was my fault. Bad healing situations always do, if you’re a responsible and proud healer. I know it’s not always JUST the healing, but I want to protect the people in my group. That’s why I heal.

So, I ended up feeling frustrated.

I just couldn’t drum up the joy again.

I’m signed up to raid on sunday, so I’ll see if that helps – though since the raid isn’t that much fun and a number of my closer friends aren’t along for that run, it’ll be different. But I place no grand expectations. I will log on hoping it’s fun though (as long as I remember to respec a little).

Is it me? I’ve never really played an MMO for more than 2 years before. I pretty much give up on them all when I reach the 2 year mark, it’s obviously approximately my attention span. So it could well be me. As well as life factors that won’t go away immediately, ‘things change, people change, interest rates fluctuate’ (yes, you get points for recognising the quotation!).

Maybe it’s the character and class, after all, I’ve done much of the content with my Captain, done way too much grinding in almost every area of the game. And yes, I’m disillusioned with all aspects of the end game. Every instance is fun for a certain number of times, or with friends.

I’m thinking of moving to an alt, and playing it slowly. Playing LotRO less. I can’t even say I’m excited about the prospect of Rohan. I think of it and think clustered instances, a zillion runs to get a zillion tokens for a weapon lottery I am bound to lose.

Yes, I’m definitely in the doldrums. And I can’t see a definite way out of them, but I will try and few. Not quite ready to drop the game I love just yet.



  1. You must see Rohan, and not the endgame only. 🙂
    LOTRO’s endgame becomes more and more a copy of WoW instance runs and raids, and it really loses in this regard. LOTRO just calls the instances skirmishes and badges skirmish marks.

    So yeah, I hope for a big new chunk of landmass in summer. If not, they are in trouble. Guild Wars 2 and SWTOR are coming. And I will play GW2 for sure – Guild Wars 1 kept me entertained for almost 4 years and has its 5th birthday at the moment. 🙂

  2. My theory? It is impossible to be the sole healer for most instances that require 6 people if you’re not a Minstrel. I know some darn good Captains who have kept a lot of groups going when they should have wiped but for tough end game content even they will hand over to the main healing class.

    I heal for the same reason, and feel a bit rubbish when it all goes horribly wrong but 9 times out of 10 it isn’t the healers fault. As a Captain there’s even more reason to not beat yourself up over a wipe.

    I hope you enjoy the raid more.

    • Arbitrary/Idris main healed pretty much every 6man instance, she certainly did not have any problems being a sole mainhealer in SG (with a lil help from a LRM). I’d say she’s just out of practice… 😉 but the thing healing, just like tanking is a team effort.

  3. I think you just need a break from it. I bet in a couple of months (and hopefully when there’s a new content patch), you’ll be happy to see your captain again.

  4. Diving directly into the end-game after a long break, especially one that wore you off like this, is not a good idea. Enjoy the little things, enjoy Middle-Earth, I think that’s what makes you love the game, not the instances.

    Plus, as always, you are too harsh on yourself. After all this time, you failed at healing one of the most difficult instances. The first evening I went there as a healing captain, we failed repeatedly and in the end we called it a night. Failing sometimes is not the end of the world, nor does it mean you’re not good at it anymore. Just let it come back to you…

  5. I played WoW for three years straight and then got bored* with it too, so I’m most likely at my mark with LotRO too, which is why I was looking for an alt partner in crimes. And IIRC WoW had a lot more content at this point and two full factions with a lot more ingame lore/storylines, dungeons and raids going for it…

    [*] well it was somewhat more complicated than just simple boredom, but it’s close enough.

    • I PMed you and the girls about alting 🙂

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