Sunday Silliness – PuGs

May 2, 2010

I haven’t posted much about our adventures in World of Warcraft. I’m still a little freaked out to be playing it again, and though I really do love my Shaman, it was a bumpy start – and I’m still not really playing it on anything more than a casual level – hanging out with Spinks and some of her friends from her main server, and also my other sister and some people we picked up along the way (we’re on Steamwheedle Cartel, Alliance, btw).

We’re using the Dungeon Finder interface quite a lot, which means many PuGs. In general, they’ve been pretty good, and it’s definitely been a good way to get xp and decent gear and see the instances in the game. We’re now in the Outland ones, ones I’ve not seen before, so that’s fairly challenging/interesting!

Today I decided we need a game associated with being in a PuG, and devised one that can work across games – so feel free to spread the word and play along. The basic concept is ‘Word a Week’, where each week I nominate a word you need to slip into chat in your PuG, and then send in a screenshot for it. This week, I decided on ‘disenfranchised’ in celebration of this week’s UK election! I even used it in a group today, though not a PuG – but next sunday I hope to have a screenie of me saying it in a genuine PuG!

Wonder if anyone else will join in, but if not, this will be my Sunday posts for a while 🙂



  1. lol I’ll give it a shot. *looks up disenfranchised on thedictionary.com* 😀

    • You get extra points if we both screenshot it ;p

  2. I would rather hope you write a bit about Wowish Shamanism. 🙂

    • I will, I’m sure, but it feels like I’m cheating on my Capt ;p

  3. Well I’ve been bitten by the WoW bug once more – thanks to you! Heh…it’s good to back playing a mmo without the demand on my time. Helps too when the levels fly by now.

  4. I’ll try to get the word in, but I haven’t found out how to group in Guild Wars yet. I’ll figure out a way no fear

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