Freak Out

June 26, 2011

Anyone still there? Considering resurrecting the blog a little. I’ll probably talk more about my job in a library, in terms of the technology, the books I read, etc. But also about TV stuff, the games I’m playing (not many since a few back problems). But mostly wanted to freak out anyone who still had this on their RSS!




  1. Let your sister talk about games, you talk about books and TV shows? Sounds like a plan.

    You could also rectify the image “Alcatraz Versus The Evil Librarians” has created. :>

  2. Hehe, well.. I don’t think I could /not/ mention games – though I just don’t play them as much, That’s my only concern about the blog – the title is pretty games-related. But also my kitties!

  3. I’m still reading 😉

  4. hahah I’m still lurking around here. Blog away! But don’t feel under any pressure to resume exactly where you left off 🙂

  5. /wave

  6. After Book of Grudges came back from the dead that one time, I decided to leave you all on my blogroll for posterity. The thing sorts by last updated anyway, so there’s no real harm in having dead sites on the list.

    Welcome back maybe. 🙂

  7. Ain’t nobody here but us chickens

  8. I’m still reading. But hopefully I can get to play online a bit with you now, too!

    • I played some more Rift today, just did the dailies, but was my longest session for a while! Soon 🙂

  9. Nope, no one here at all. . . . . .

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