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Onto comics

August 2, 2016

I’ve always been a comics fan, from a very young age. And I’ve always maintained some level of interest, but over the past few years it’s become stronger again. And I’m bound to talk about comics a fair bit here.

So, because Tuesdays are my nightmare work day, I thought I’d give a list of comics I’m currently following:

  • Nightwing (because if you don’t love Dick Grayson, you should)
  • Batman (because Tom King may be one of the best writing talents in comics)
  • Captain America: Steve Rogers (because, Cap!)
  • Captain America: Sam Wilson (because SamCap! and Misty Knight)
  • The Thunderbolts (being led by Bucky Barnes atm, will have tie ins with Cap)
  • Moon Knight (I will definitely write more about this one!!)
  • Mockingbird (ditto)
  • Vision (one of the best comics out there, about to end it’s run)
  • Power Man and Iron Fist (because Iron Fist is one of my fave chars, and it’s great)
  • Vote Loki (4-issue run, 2 issues down)
  • Civil War II: Gods of War (I’ll talk about CW2 as well, and why I’m not wholly in)
  • Saga
  • And.. the next few issues of Invincible and International Iron Man (2 titles)

I’m also currently reading Preacher and then dipping into some older collections on Marvel Unlimited.

It’s a very Marvel-heavy list, and I buy a mix of hard-copy and digital titles. Comics are getting expensive, so may have to cut back a bit and rely more on Marvel Unlimited (a subscription service, that makes Marvel comics available 6 months after release, and has a TON of back issues).

Apologies for the brevity. I was going to seriously cave and not post today, but even I know that giving in so soon would be far too ‘me’ 🙂



Amusing interludes

September 28, 2009

Had some friends visit yesterday to discuss cakes and Ars Magica campaigns. So looks like I’ll be tabletop RPing again soon. Scary/Fun.

To get everyone in the mood, here’s some sites they recommended which I’m spending my morning reading.

First: DM of the Rings, an imagining of Lord of the Rings as a tabletop campaign, along with witty asides, player cliches, etc etc.

Second: Darth & Droids – a similar imagining of Star Wars (the new films, starting with Phantom Menace).

These are FAR too diverting, and I’m loving them. There’s my morning gone.



September 4, 2009

I knew one day all my geeky hobbies would pay off. So finding out I won a Watchmen competition over at the Limited Edition podcast really made my trip home from work yesterday a far more exciting one. Validation that reading comics is good for you! As is winning prizes!!

Anyway, if you don’t listen to the podcast, you should consider it (esp if you read this blog). They now alternate between talking about comics and talking about games (so essentially it’s two podcasts from the same stable), and even if you don’t read comics actively, the chit-chat is interesting and worthwhile. And the same goes if you don’t usually play games, but read comics instead. There’s cross-pollination and general all-round good geekery.

Check out an episode or two and see what you think. And let me know (if you remember!)



August 30, 2009

And in a personal update. Did I mention I got promoted at work? It’s cool, and means I’ll be working saturdays only. Which means more time for games, and um.. other hobbies! (expect lots of news of the bread varieties I’ve learned to bake as it’s an obsession).

Also means I get to read a ton of teenage books, since I’m taking over the teenage book club in the library I’m moving to. Am really quite excited! Love the idea of teen reading group and means I can get in plenty of fantasy literature. In a non-creepy kind of way.

Have caught up with Song of Ice and Fire, so now await the next book. Just started Malazan books by Erikson. In comics am reading Persepolis, and have a couple of JSA books at home. Also eyeing up Fables, so that’ll probably be next.

In theatre, I want to see Priscilla.

In TV, I await with impatience the recommencement of Supernatural, and every other show. But especially Supernatural right now.


Podcasts, podcasts

April 13, 2009

As I said a while back on Book of Grudges, I’m a total podcast nut – I listen to loads of the things, especially when commuting to work or solo grinding in MMOs. I know perceived wisdom says to listen to music, but I’d like to suggest some podcasts to help pass the time. So here, for the first time, is a list of all the podcasts I listen to, with some brief descriptions. If, after reading through the list, you have any to recommend, I’d be very interested to hear about them.

General Gaming

Virgin Worlds Virgin Worlds is a great way to hear about developments in the MMOsphere. I may not agree with Brent on a few things (ie. I have no interest in The Agency or Free Realms!), but he’s terrific at what he does and always puts together an informative and entertaining show.

PC Gamer this is the PC Gamer UK podcast, and I listen to it – despite the fact I don’t play many games at all. My husband and my friends are quite games-fanatic though, so it allows me to keep in touch with releases, and the contributors are always entertaining. It’s probably not work-friendly, but I love the banter between the contributors!

Shut Up, We’re Talking Darren and Karen host a podcast where they and their guests discuss the most up-to-date or interesting MMO news. Part of the Virgin Worlds collective, it’s another one I just wouldn’t miss and have been listening to for a while. I’ve never failed to find this one particularly worth listening to.

Rock Paper Shotgun Electric Wireless Show – WHen one of your favourite websites makes a podcast, you worry they won’t live up to the wit of the website, but the guys from RPS do. Entirely. Again this covers PC games, has great repartee and may not be entirely work-safe (if you’re prone to listening to podcasts on speakers at work that is!). But it always makes me smile, gives me a great insight into games I can then recommend to my husband/friends and has that nice touch of British humour about it.

Van Hemlock’s Podcast – Another Virgin Worlds collective podcast and another classic. More self-deprecating British humour, more discussion of games and MMOs and the news around them. I had this suggested to me the last time I posted about podcasts and I’ve never looked back.

KIASAcast – From the guys at Killed in a Smiling Accident, you can see that their humour translates from page to podcast. No, I’m not obsessed with ‘Brits with Wit’, I just like to follow things that entertain as well as educate. This is a new podcast and not all that frequent, but I won’t ever remove it from my iTunes.


Warhammer Alliance – The biggest fan community for Warhammer Online started up a podcast which makes for great listening and summarises the news going on about the game. I started listening at episode 2, because at the time I was slow to notice new developments, but now it’s a firm favourite.

LotROcast – LotRO doesn’t have a truly great podcast, and the choices are few, but this is a new one I’m throwing a recommendation towards, because it’s trying to do what many other podcasts achieve and I think it’ll get there. The news is good and up-to-date and I really appreciate the American host visiting EU forums to see what’s going on our-side.

There’s a bunch of other Warhammer podcasts, but many of them are infrequent and I listen to them only as and when I have the time to. Mostly it’s a hang-over from Book of Grudges work, but I no longer have the time to listen to them all. I do look forward to Theoryhammer‘s though, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about COTCast, so I might look into that soon.


The other love in my life (after husband, cats and somewhere close to MMOs), is the TV. And the majority of my podcasts are TV-related. I just enjoy hearing others discuss the shows I watch because let’s face it, most of my face-to-face friends don’t watch the same shows as me.

Battlestar Galactica Podcast – episode commentaries by Ron D Moore. I’ve got a lot to go, but it’s there, in reserve for when I need them.

Galactica Watercooler – Strictly now Galactic Watercooler. Started as a BSG podcast, quickly became a massive geeky but awesome community with some extremely intelligent members. Branched out from BSG with some more general sci-fi arcs (ie. Matrix, Back to the Future, Star Wars), now covering Star Trek in the run-up to the summer film. This podcast is unmissable for me, even when time is short.

The Fringe Podcast – I only have room in my week for one Fringe podcast and this one won my initial trawl through them. I like the mix of chat about the episode and science, plus the hosts have a good chemistry. So I listen to this one and enjoy the roundtable chats with all Fringe podcasters that have come in each mini-hiatus and reminds me there are more Fringe podcasts out there I should probably listen to.

10th Wonder – I used to listen to this and the 9th, but as Heroes is sliding off my radar I cruelly cropped my listening down to 1 podcast a week. They do an after show shortish podcast and then a fuller one later in the week, but I tend to just listen to the former.

The Official Lost Podcast – One of only a few official podcasts that I listen to, the creators of Lost are hilarious and enjoy providing obtuse answers to fan questions. And each podcast is only around 20 mins long, so it’s not a hard call to listen to this one.

The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack – Twice weekly and very professional, the hosts have a great chemistry (step-father/step-son) and treat their subject matter both seriously and with a good deal of humour. There’s great speculation and reasoning here, just what you need to help with Lost.

The Transmission – the original Lost fan podcast, created and hosted by husband and wife team Ryan and Jen, who live in Hawai’i and can pepper their podcast with shooting news (which is kept in a spoiler section for those of us who don’t want to know about scenes in advance). They get great listener feedback and discuss it well. Plus, their episode summaries are the best!

Increasingly I don’t have any more time for Lost podcasts, but I used to listen to the Joshmeister’s Lost podcast, Lost Flashbacks, and Big O’s Lost podcast as well as many many more. If I have extra time, or an 8 hour coach journey, these are some I’ll look at as I keep downloading even when I don’t have time to listen to them.

And as for one I have saved but haven’t listened to yet:

ChuckCast – Jay from the Jay and Jack podcast and his girlfriend Colleen from MetroBuzz podcast have started up a Chuck podcast. I didn’t enjoy the other Chuck podcast out there (Chuck vs the Podcast), so I’m going to give this a go as soon as I have time. I have all the eps saved, so it won’t be too long before I can go through and listen to them. But I have high hopes.

NB: I tried ALL the Supernatural podcasts I could find, but they were too full of squeeing for me, so I left disappointed that there isn’t one I love that deals with Supernatural, another of my TV loves.


Limited Edition – Yet another Virgin Worlds collective member (pointing to the quality of the VW collective, so if you have a game you play and you want to see if they have one on it, I’d definitely advise checking their growing list!). As for Limited Edition, it deals with comics, comic-related games (CoH, DCUO, Champions Online) along with movies, TV and other general geeky topics that touch on comics. I listen mainly for the comics content so I can get some ideas of what to read, and because it doesn’t make me feel backwards for not being comic-obsessed.

Friday Night Comedy from Radio 4 – I wish I’d grown up listening to the radio more, then I might actually listen to it, rather than rely on such podcasts to catch me up. Tends to switch between the Now Show and the News Quiz which both offer a satirical look at the news. I prefer the News Quiz, but this is quite a nice 30-min podcast which can always ensure a chuckle.

And that’s it currently. It sounds like a lot, but they have quite different schedules and I generally get to listen to them all in any given week. Sometimes I stockpile before a long trip. But it gives you an idea of my listening, viewing and gaming habits and hopefully you’ll both take away some recommendations and be able to provide some for me (before my massive flight to Hawai’i). Will especially need more for when the TV shows go on hiatus, an that’s some of the reason I like to stockpile.

So over to you.. any you listen to that I haven’t covered? Any you plan to listen to now I’ve catalogued my personal list (scary! no hate mail please!)


Comics and Me

April 8, 2009

Last July a close friend went to Comic Con in San Diego and had such a good time that I couldn’t resist the temptation to say ‘get me a ticket’. And I found myself with a ticket for this year and having to deal with sorting out leave from work and flights from the UK, while he took care of accommodation (or I’d never be able to afford to go). I’m a total TV junkie, I think you probably all know that by now, but growing up, I was also a bit of a comics junkie. We didn’t get teen mags, we got Spiderman and X-Men, and then whatever else the comic shop had in it.

And that stretched into our adolescence and adulthood. I never had a lot of money, so I relied on Spinks for buying the actual comics, and then I’d read them just as voraciously and we’d discuss them a bit. AT University I’d buy crazy comics that no-one else liked (*cough* the AD&D series that I still adore, and a whole bunch of Star Trek ones, despite not being the world’s greatest Star Trek fan – I had a near-full run of Star Trek: TNG comics). I’d get the cheap ones, the ones that weren’t cool – but that I could afford.

When I went to Library School I almost did the option of a thesis, but in the end didn’t go the full Masters route. My thesis was going to be on the concept of a graphics novel library and its place in a traditional library service. And now I work in public libraries and have access to some of the newer graphic novels that I’d kind of forgotten about in the last 10 years or so…

…but because of Comic Con I’ve embarked on re-educating myself on what’s out there. I still don’t have the money I’d like to spend on the hobby, so I’m relying on the library system and recommendations (and what my husband trawls off eBay) and listening to podcasts like Limited Edition. So you may see me talk a bit about what I’m reading here in the run-up to July (and beyond).

Currently, I’m ploughing through as much of The Authority as I can get. Library had Absolute Authority vols 1 & 2 and I loved them. So now I’m reading a few of the trade paperbacks. In my pile to read are Runaways, the first collection of Secret Invasion and Tim Sale’s Tales of the Batman.

It’s unrelentlessly a nostalgia kick for me to recognise how much I like the storytelling form of the graphic novel, but it’s really like walking into a eat-all-you-can buffet, and knowing only a small selection is presented there of what’s on offer.

So any recommendations are gratefully received. I don’t know if I’ll actually review them, but at least they’ll be on my radar.