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Tackling a Boss Monster

November 4, 2009

So, I decided to make a stab at tackling my Feed Reader today, in some of my spare time. I’m greatly enjoying reading everyone’s blog posts, even though I’m hideously behind with things. Haven’t finished it yet, but here’s some of the things that caught my attention:

  • Blizzard to start selling in-game cosmetic pets for $10 a pop. I’ve been playing the refer-a-friend time with Spinks of late. We’re at level 40 now and my first month is over. Might sub another month to get to 60 when the R-A-F bonus runs out. But I hate microtransations, so I’m feeling a bit more ambivalent today than I was yesterday.
  • Free Realms transforms into Fee Realms at level 5 in more microtransation news. Don’t mind this one so much as you get to dabble free, and apparently the costs are fairly small.
  • The new Siege of Mirkwood trailer is up and available and deals with the Lieutenant of Dol Guldur – the lack of a name stems from licensing issues, according to Zubon.
  • KIASA name Torchlight Diablo 2.5 in reviewlet I’m totally in agreement with.
  • Tom Chick over at Fidgit enters into a bit of a spat with Bioware over the extra storage in the $7 DLC and accuses the company of nickel-and-diming. Bioware replies.
  • The Wii is dead, long live the… ?
  • Green Armadillo takes a look at the marketing and pricing of the Siege of Mirkwood and the extension of the pre-order deals and deadline. It’s an interesting take and cites some other things to read on the subject, which I greatly enjoyed. Not sure it’s a cover up, since it seems blindingly obvious they’re taking money for what was once free to players in content updates… but valid points, nonetheless. 

More as I catch up further tomorrow!


Hi ho, Hi ho…

October 16, 2009

Overtime for me at work, which excuses the current tranche of quiet on the blog.  And so.. a bit of random is good for the soul:

First – go to A Casual Stroll to Mordor and read their Harvest Festival guide. I am a known hater of in-game festivals, but even I did a few of the festival quests last night, while waiting to kill the Evil Turtle of Moria (hrrm, I wonder if he was corrupted by The Watcher living so close by).

We’re raiding tonight, I’m working tomorrow also – should make for some interesting times… hope there’s something easy to cook for dinner!

Too many TV shows at the moment, now trying to work out my favoured order for watching them. I may share it one day, but let’s just say Supernatural is right up there right now!

Diesel still has a limp, is still on full meds even though it was supposed to be quite a bit better by now. Calling vet today to make another appt for next week. Knowing there’s nothing they can do vs. wanting him to be 100% again. Grr.

Codemasters say their cake contest is just waiting on winner contact etc now, so we should see the prize-winners soon. Imagine this means I didn’t win and all my efforts to learn how to decorate cakes will be shelved for another 20-odd years. I wanted to support the contest, but I think perhaps I will steer clear of artistic ones in the future ;p They are very nice about sending postcards to runners-up though! And who knows, eh?

Things are more hectic than I’d like right now. C’est tout.


In Which I Attempt a Links Post

September 15, 2009

I can’t even begin to list all the blog posts that have kept me entertained and enthralled while I’ve been away from home, so I had to start afresh, and thought I’d link to some of the more recent stories and posts that I’d recommend:

First of all, from the Codemasters’ Blog, I bring you Faya’s favourite designs in the recent Design-a-Horse competition. You have to love the pimped out tiger skin blanket and the Pirate Horse. Arrrrr!

Bootae brings up a fascinating subject that I may return to sometime if I remember. If you had to pick your golden team of classes from any MMO, what would it consist of?

We Fly Spitfires asks about whether guild websites are worth it? To be honest, I couldn’t imagine not having a guild website, the amount of tattle that goes on on ours is fairly legendary (including the current thread where people post screenshots and everyone else has to try and guess where it is in-game).

Syp reminds me of my beloved ‘No Elves’ campaign, and notes that IGN have joined. He also warns of the dangers of elves in Dragon Age. Reader, beware.

Skar has some wise words on MMO tourism. It reminded me how often I compare things to DAoC, and they come out poorly.

Congrats to the Ancient Gaming Noob on 3 years in the sun! Always worth reading, too.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun cover the Bethesda/Interplay legal wranglings, and I echo their words. Go read the full article they link to. Sobering thoughts, and it saddens me, because I love Fallout, in all forms and flavours.

Go read Hawley’s blog! (slipping it in there, did you notice?)

That’s it for now, am saving more each day.



August 28, 2009

I’ve pared down my blogroll instead of increasing it. I read a ton of blogs on my RSS, and I just went through a spring clean before I consider re-blogging here.

I didn’t use any strict criteria, the blogroll is a more personal thing for me. People I consider friends as well as blogs I wouldn’t want to miss reading. And it’s my first port of call. The RSS feeds I save for when I have time. But I still read them.

This is a very personal blog. It’s not going to ever get you big hits if I link to you, so don’t get offended and don’t assume I don’t read you if you’re not up front on the blogroll here.

I’m working on a couple of side projects your links might be better suited to. Or, I might not blog enough here to make it worth noticing!

Nerf the Cat is moving directly to a more personal place. I’ll talk about what I’m playing, watching, thinking. I won’t be upset if you don’t visit, or comment or link to me (except when Spinks doesn’t, cos she has my bond of blood). But bear it in mind.

I don’t have anything that important to say about MMOs and gaming, except what I’m feeling and thinking about it on any given day…


Randomness and Links

May 14, 2009

It’s a long working day for me, and while I have some collaborative* posts under development, I don’t have any polish time today, so it’s time to catch up on all the links I’ve been saving on my feed reader again. Some of them are a bit old, because I tend to store them up a bit, expecting to comment on some of them in more detail in the future. Then I feel bad for stockpiling. So, here goes:

Zizlak made me laugh with a suggestion to improve RvR in WAR – friendly fire. Love it, but obviously no game would truly bring it in. But still, nice to think outside the box, eh?

Talking of improvements to WAR, Word of Shadow describes changes he’d make to Public Quests. I don’t always think of things in terms of how they could actually be improved, so I really appreciated this.

Carn Dum – how I remember it? Not least because 4 of us decided to pop back there and finish some deeds the other week. Which is why this post stood out to me. To all of you levelling in LotRO, Carn Dum is something to look forward to (and be scared of a little), it’s a long and challenging multi-boss instance with locks. And it’s the kind of content I miss in both end-game LotRO and other games.

Eurogamer Expos in Leeds and London (to cover the north and south of the UK…) in October. Shall we all go in Darkfall T-shirts? HMV are sponsoring too, so if you see a game you like you can buy or pre-order it (oh yes, I always get the urge to pre-order on the spot!)

Massively cover the decision by Everquest to open a new server type, where characters start at level 51. Personally, I will be following this with interest, because I think it’s going to happen more and more often, and that it’s a good decision.

Dickie over at RainbowMMO mentions the tribal nature of MMO players when it comes to defending their game. And suggests we all remember they’re just games! So so true, and yet I find myself getting defensive too at times.

Kill Ten Rats poses an interesting question – are NPC companions in the future for most MMOs? I have to admit I was wary about The Old Republic having them, but the idea is growing on me a little so long as I can still group with players!

Bootae, I agree with you. Mythic need to bring back the other capital cities for the sake of the end-game. Read the post, it’s all about how Land of the Dead might affect the current end-game and what needs to be done to re-invigorate this part of the game.

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Mythic’s presence at Games Day Baltimore from this podcast from Lagwar and Warhammer Alliance.

And still on the subject of WAR (what can I say, there’s been a ton of interesting posts about WAR recently), Knights of the Feathered Hats writes about the lack of story in WAR. I think the writer has pinpointed one of the things I had difficulties with in WAR. I’m used to more of a narrative, more background, more… story. And while the live events are more fun than in most games, they do kind of land and then disappear with very little post-event impact.


*Me & Spinks get-together for a brainstorm for the first time since the old Book of Grudges days. Also, the ‘fixed’ group I play with are plotting some collaborations on what it’s like to play in such a group!



May 11, 2009

It’s been a tough couple of days for me, decision-wise. I knew I’d have to close down Book of Grudges eventually, I can’t keep blogging in two places at once, and my focus isn’t as tightly on WAR as it once was.

I didn’t expect it to coincide with my 6-month sub ending and my chosen server (Burlok) dying a death.

But sometimes you just get to feel a bit fatalistic about things. I’m not going to re-sub until June, I want some time away from it, and to reflect and consider all the changes that will come with a server change, and whether I want to stick with my Rune Priest, or continue with my Magus instead on Karak-Azgal (I hope to move my Rune Priest to K8P!).

There’s a lot of good about WAR. The community is passionate, articulate and friendly (generally). The first tiers are great fun, and the devs listen and respond to feedback (though who wouldn’t love to hear a Mark Jacobs State of the Game address about now). The Land of the Dead sounds like a great upgrade, with more solo-friendly content, better handling of wards (d’oh, this should really have been in a while back since it annoyed so many) and an alternate end-game. There’s a lot of hope at the end of the tunnel.

But I personally need a few weeks away from it all.

As for Book of Grudges, the content under my sole command definitely suffered, and I feel I’m secure enough with posting here that I can make all my WAR commentary here just as easily now and I’m not just giving up on blogging per se. Thanks to everyone that’s been supportive of this new blog, and to Spinks and my friends for putting up with me for so long!

Expect my first Warhammer-related posting soon (it might be messy, but we had an interesting idea down at the pub. Oh boy!)


Late links

May 6, 2009

As I read through the multitude of links I have saved in my feed reader, I decided it’s time for a shout-out list of the blog posts I’ve been reading over the past month. Some of them will be oldish, but as I haven’t commented on them (and meant to), here goes:

Player vs Developer contributes a review of 1-50 in EQ2. I mostly bookmarked this as it’s another MMO I never played and which I’m considering a month of sometime just to have a look and expand my MMO experience.

Torvik mentions the hiccoughs some of us fighty-types are having with finding the perfect legendary weapon. Funnily enough, his post is from a while ago, and just today I read a post over at Kill Ten Rats (this time by Suzina) also about legendary weapons. I agree that to a new player, legendary items are a great addition. When we first got our hands we adored them. Hell, I still like the concept of them… and I’ll write more about them soon. But, Torvik does touch on a very real problem of randomness and the fact that some of the weapons on the list really are pointless for some classes (captain and champion daggers as examples!).

Lagwar compares TV to MMO and gaming. They’re the two loves of my life (when you discount husband, cats and family), so I read it with a great deal of interest. I think there are some definite correlations to be made, and it’s something I always wanted to investigate fuller (and did a little over at Book of Grudges), so this inspired me to think about it again.

Unwize includes some speculation on new classes in LotRO. I have one thing to add – if they bring in something new, it’ll be better than the Captain. Adding new classes is a fine art, and actually I think Turbine did ok with the Warden and Runekeeper. Just not sure there’s much else out there to add. I guess we’ll start to hear soon if there are to be new classes infecting us!

EQ3 – I’d give it a try. Keen reminded me it might be an option, so thanks!

Syp rings in with an interesting point – why aren’t there negative traits in-game? And how could they be used to add colour. In some tabletop games, negative traits are there to balance out some of the positive ones. I liked the depth of character available, it’d be a good idea I reckon.

RainbowMMO has been posting some really good stuff recently, especially on the Bioware mini-furore, but rather than linking to the individual posts, go read through all the recent ones!

Snafzg reaches 1 million views. He deserves to. So congrats all round!