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BoGged Down

June 17, 2009

Today I removed Book of Grudges from my ‘Favorites’ list. Can’t believe it stayed on there that long, esp. as it’s not exactly hard for me to memorise and type out the URL if I ever want to check it out. Felt strange though, so I thought I’d mention it.

Which brings me to WAR. The pre-Land of the Dead live event has started in the US and is coming to the EU today (ok, so it amused me to have the words Dead and live so close together in a badly-formed sentence), and the buzz has started. Patch 1.3 is out in the wild, ready for action. Sounds like people are having fun with it, though I’ve not immersed myself in too much chit-chat about the ‘expansion’ so far. Mostly because I’ve decided to give it another month before considering WAR again. Partly for things to settle in, so I can take my time about it, and partly cos I’m away for 2.5 weeks in June and I’m too cheap to pay for a month’s play when I can’t make use of it. Ha ha. At least I admit it!

In LotRO, rejoined my old kin, and was a bit overwhelmed by background chatter again, albeit friendly and welcoming. Was the right choice at the right time, and we celebrated by um… doing a 3-man instance 3 times (that sounds like we were invoking some weird spell, I wonder if we went around widdershins or deosil!). Anyway, was a good night and about all I could manage after finally getting on my bike and doing a commute to and from work for the first time in a while.

Dentist today. !joy. Then maybe alcohol, depending what dentist does. One of my fave co-workers leaves this week, and the mood is therefore sober and not-sober all at the same time.



May 11, 2009

It’s been a tough couple of days for me, decision-wise. I knew I’d have to close down Book of Grudges eventually, I can’t keep blogging in two places at once, and my focus isn’t as tightly on WAR as it once was.

I didn’t expect it to coincide with my 6-month sub ending and my chosen server (Burlok) dying a death.

But sometimes you just get to feel a bit fatalistic about things. I’m not going to re-sub until June, I want some time away from it, and to reflect and consider all the changes that will come with a server change, and whether I want to stick with my Rune Priest, or continue with my Magus instead on Karak-Azgal (I hope to move my Rune Priest to K8P!).

There’s a lot of good about WAR. The community is passionate, articulate and friendly (generally). The first tiers are great fun, and the devs listen and respond to feedback (though who wouldn’t love to hear a Mark Jacobs State of the Game address about now). The Land of the Dead sounds like a great upgrade, with more solo-friendly content, better handling of wards (d’oh, this should really have been in a while back since it annoyed so many) and an alternate end-game. There’s a lot of hope at the end of the tunnel.

But I personally need a few weeks away from it all.

As for Book of Grudges, the content under my sole command definitely suffered, and I feel I’m secure enough with posting here that I can make all my WAR commentary here just as easily now and I’m not just giving up on blogging per se. Thanks to everyone that’s been supportive of this new blog, and to Spinks and my friends for putting up with me for so long!

Expect my first Warhammer-related posting soon (it might be messy, but we had an interesting idea down at the pub. Oh boy!)


A self-indulgent post (to ignore)

January 27, 2009

I’ve been in a bit of a pissy mood all week, for a variety of reasons almost all to do with things happening in real life. But I’m also finding getting back to the Book of Grudges a little difficult. I’m used to it being this big, fun thing – and it’s been well.. tricky. And I do feel a little slighted by Mythic, they asked a ton of bloggers for their snail mail addresses, including ones in Europe. Nada. They mostly don’t have me added to their twitters so I can’t even take part in the conversations online… and I’m grumpy already.

From a marketing perspective, it makes much more sense to target a wide range of bloggers. You get the most bang that way, packages go all around and people will link to them regardless of where they get sent really. What we need is someone to take apart their valentine’s mail with a fine toothcomb, and I’m sure they will, fairly soon and as soon as all 13 packages arrive. Then there’s the big anouncement on 29th January, so very soon we’ll know about new classes, changes to fortresses, possibly new cities, things they want to do to stop the game from slumping.

I like the game a lot, don’t get me wrong. Hell, I listen to all the podcasts, read all the blogs, do what I feel I can for the community. But I also hear one of  the most active guilds on my own server is dying, stopping organising mass zone charges, and that makes me sad. There is someone trying to step into that gap, but Mythic’s announcement cannot come fast enough.

I’m not sure I’d transfer from my RP server elsewhere. . So I remain a bit grumpy, a bit out of sorts, and I await the 29th January and wonder if I shouldn’t spent any time on twitter or looking around the place until then. I know it’s all on me, here. And that I wouldn’t normally give a toss. And that annoys me more.


Next stages

January 20, 2009

So the next stage of getting back into blogging properly on WAR is to go through all those lovely new blogs (and I’ve peeked at most of them and they are pretty fun), and add them to my feed reader. To stay informed on European things.. well, I’m hoping people give me a little slack as I’m getting my head around it. And try to make some contacts on the various servers – actually, that’s my plan for this weekend, truthfully!

It’s strange, I actually used to work in the field of internet communications consultancy, and wrote papers on community-building, etc. But it was all to do with massive multinationals and activists and bringing the two sides together. And I prefer random blogging, really. But I do feel insane loyalty to the games-blogging community, whatever game – though especially WAR, I guess. I’d say especially LotRO too, but the game doesn’t have a very vocal blogging community.

And sometimes I wonder about that, but then.. how often did I mention LotRO on Book of Grudges? How often before that did I think about talking about it, but didn’t? Yes, I guested on a LotRO podcast but that was because I was morbidly curious to hear how I sounded, and because we were discussing my love of the time – monster play.

Anyway, as I juggle opinion pieces here, and community stuff there, things might get a bit jumbled. Always feel free to prod me in the right direction. All your views mean a LOT to me.