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Diesel says hi

May 8, 2012

Diesel says hi

He’s keeping the blog warm for me.


Diesel the patient (update)

January 14, 2010

He’s doing a lot better since yesterday when he started to eat. He’s even being picky about food, showing signs of becoming a real prima donna. Found him on the windowsill in our bedroom which shows signs of learning to jump, better than he managed on 4 legs. We also let Larky in to see him and she gave him a nudge and went straight to the food. But, more importantly, he didn’t flinch from her as he did when he was in pain.

The scar is horrific to look at, it’s also twitching a lot as nerves deal with what’s happened to them. But, he’s on the mend, and is even starting to get used to taking pills. Maybe some of the relief of not being in pain is starting to get through to him. Of course, I may have to be a good cat owner and actually put the collar on him soon (you know the ones, conal and plastic), because don’t want him to be bothered by the stitches.

Also, seclusion and being locked in upset him more than anything now it seems. I snuck away to play some LotRO last night and felt really guilty. But went to bed to find him completely sprawled across it! First time he’s jumped onto a soft surface successfully, and he did NOT want to share the bed. Unfeelingly I got in, and slept with him begrudgingly at my feet. Woke up and he was on the floor again. Major guilt!

We switched nursing shifts at 4am when I woke up, and husband went to bed. Diesel had some biscuits off the raised boxes we’ve had to install to help him eat without toppling. Although I can’t explain without pictures, he leaned diagonally over the box, actually utilising the lack of limb to get to the food. This made me happy. He’s adjusting! And so are we.

Aside from raised food, we’ve made no other changes for him. And the raised boxes are going to be lowered day by day, although they’re really no bother – it’ll just help him go fully back to normal. However, the idea of him staying in that room for 10 days is bleh, so we may let him sneak out a little today and see how he goes under heavy supervision and with friends to help out.

Thanks for all the well wishes, we’re doing a lot better now he’s eating, and now the shock of monday is beginning to subside. We still have quiet moments when we sit back and think of what could have been, but once he’s out the room I think things will really start to return to normal around here.


The Cat, Nerfed

November 22, 2009

Larky, with her new pink nails, courtesy of Soft Claws. It’s a bit of an experiment for us, but so far she’s not been acting any different with them than without! (and yes, it was my cruel decision to go with the pink and not the cool black option).