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What do a Triple Nelson and LotRO have in common?

September 16, 2009

Codemasters just announced on their web pages and Twitter that they’d be giving away 111 full Shadows of Angmar game keys, as well as other prizes to celebrate Bilbo and Frodo’s birthdays. The big celebrations will span next week, from 21st Sept to 25th Sept.

So, first of all get yourself a Codemasters online player account (using link in the quoted section), so you’re ready to activate a key. Then get or bookmark the Twitter channels, check the forums and keep an eye on the May Contain Gamers blog. And, if you win and want to pop in and say hi – I play on Laurelin and would be delighted to have a chat.

Twitter for your Key
Don’t forget to follow the LOTRO_Europe and Codies Twitter channels and as we will be giving away keys on them both. First person to grab the key and activate it into a Codemasters Online player account wins it.

May Contain Keys
The Codies’ May Contain Gamers blog will have a competition running for a number of keys and a Mines of Moria Special Edition.

The LOTRO Europe Forums
We’re even giving away keys on the community forums, so don’t forget to join us there.

Make a date in your diary to join us from the 21st – 25th September for a whole week of celebrating!


Opening the Book

June 30, 2009

Book 8 hits Europe today, and as I head off to work I leave detailed instructions for my husband to patch the game up for me. As it happens, the kin (and yes, um, we rejoined if I didn’t mention it), has a Watcher run planned for tonight. We’re hoping everyone gets to patch up in time for it, but if not I guess we can go check out some of the Book 8 content.

I don’t read too much about the Books as they come out. I get someone to tell me where the actual epic Book starts, and then have a vague idea what’s happening to Captains (not much this time, our promised bug fix was too troublesome and has been delayed) – we do get to name our banners, so I’ve been thinking of names for a … flag on a pole. Maybe inspiration will strike.

I know there’s some 3-man instances, a 6-man and a new raid. I’m on the list for look for that. My rolls are universally awful, but I actually rolled more than a 16 this time. Rar!  Now it falls down to what nights the kin decide to raid and striking a balance so I’m not spending 4 nights a week in raids. One of the advantages of a dull update like Book 7 is plenty of ‘me’ time.

Also, it’s becoming brutally apparent how close my holiday is now. I won’t be gaming after Friday 10th July until 29th when I get home. In between that I go to London, visit family for a day, then fly the next day. I need to pack!! But on a gaming note, it means about 10 days with Book 8 before I disappear. Which is pretty unsettling. I know I’ll come back to people being a bit ‘done’ with the 3-mans, and who know everything there is to know about the new content. But even before I go my mind is more focused on what’s happening at Comic Con, how I’ll survive the long flights to Hawaii and whether I’ve forgotten my train ticket home!

You’d think I’d be used to it by now, Codemasters (and their cohorts in crime, Turbine) have an uncanny ability to release new content just as I go away for an extended period. It could be me with the uncanny ability – but why take the blame, eh?



May 11, 2009

It’s been a tough couple of days for me, decision-wise. I knew I’d have to close down Book of Grudges eventually, I can’t keep blogging in two places at once, and my focus isn’t as tightly on WAR as it once was.

I didn’t expect it to coincide with my 6-month sub ending and my chosen server (Burlok) dying a death.

But sometimes you just get to feel a bit fatalistic about things. I’m not going to re-sub until June, I want some time away from it, and to reflect and consider all the changes that will come with a server change, and whether I want to stick with my Rune Priest, or continue with my Magus instead on Karak-Azgal (I hope to move my Rune Priest to K8P!).

There’s a lot of good about WAR. The community is passionate, articulate and friendly (generally). The first tiers are great fun, and the devs listen and respond to feedback (though who wouldn’t love to hear a Mark Jacobs State of the Game address about now). The Land of the Dead sounds like a great upgrade, with more solo-friendly content, better handling of wards (d’oh, this should really have been in a while back since it annoyed so many) and an alternate end-game. There’s a lot of hope at the end of the tunnel.

But I personally need a few weeks away from it all.

As for Book of Grudges, the content under my sole command definitely suffered, and I feel I’m secure enough with posting here that I can make all my WAR commentary here just as easily now and I’m not just giving up on blogging per se. Thanks to everyone that’s been supportive of this new blog, and to Spinks and my friends for putting up with me for so long!

Expect my first Warhammer-related posting soon (it might be messy, but we had an interesting idea down at the pub. Oh boy!)


Free LotRO, spread the word!

April 18, 2009

MMeOw brings me news of Codemasters new initiative to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of LotRO, they’re teaming up with Eurogamer to give away 2,000 copies of LotRO: Shadows of Angmar (ie. the original game, but not the expansion) on 24th April after 2pm GMT (ie. 3pm UK time). You do need to be signed up to the Eurogamer community, so if this interests you or anyone you know, get that sorted first! And good luck, hope to see you on Laurelin if you go for it…

MMeOw also has a good post up about a Spring fashion competition Codemasters are holding, quite outside of the game, but with submissions to be sent by email. I know two dwarves that NEED to submit for worst-dressed couple! I think I could probably manage a worst-dressed, as I’m terrible at actually using the cosmetic slots for anything except not showing cloaks, helmets, etc. But I know the community will have a heap of fun with this and it does again show Codemasters willing to have a bit of fun with the community.

We’re still, as far as I know, waiting to hear what in-game activities will mark the anniversary, if it matches either of the above, I think I’ll be happy.