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Volume 3, Book 1

February 5, 2010

So, new content is almost upon us and Bullroarer is open for those in the US to go play with it and discover bugs, spelling mistakes, and what they think of the changes.

There’s not TOO much different, but there’s definitely changes of interest. The preliminary release notes can be read here – they’re not that long, so I suggest you go read through them all.

Headline stuff seems to be level 64 skills, 2-man skirmishes, new crafting recipes for certain crafts, and you can add notes to friend/ignore lists (so a year on you may remember why you ignored someone – something we were discussing only the other night). Oh +fate/+will food in the crafting stuff. Will have to hunt down my cooking friends!!

The level 64 skills seem, to me, to be upgrades throughout (they are all upgrades apart from the Warden one, which is a new gambit, just read words from Zombie Columbus clarifying), and I’m happy to see shield-brother getting the Captain love. Initially, I wanted a skill that improved me, but that’s not why I chose the Captain class. Our primary role is to buff, and once you accept that, then improving the shield-brother skillset is truly welcome (along with the fixes to Deeds Before Words), with a power boost and morale boost for our shield-brother, we may even have to think a little more tactically about who gets this increase and at what point in a fight/raid. It also means I’ll be tempted to duo with a Capt buddy to see what kind of accumulation we can get by using the buff on one another. Captain duo looks increasingly strong! I hope other classes are happy with theirs, it’s much much better than the level 62 ones, that’s for sure.

I like that skirmish cosmetic rewards are Bind on Equip now, I think that should have been in from the start – and I like the encouragement to do tier 2 ones, and duo ones. It appears from initial feedback that we’re going to need a ton of skirmish marks though, which still makes me a little uneasy. Skirmishes, despite having some random encounters, are still a grind. They’re just a grind with multiple (rather than specific) rewards. It’s a great equaliser, but still greatly rewards those with more time.

We’re all having our legendary items reset again. Semi-blah. I’m lazy. And I have a few weapons/emblems. But I’ll survive this ;p

Book 1 rewards – well, you can read about them here if you want spoilers. I don’t mind what they’ve done with the choices. For various stages you get a choice of fast travel to the next location of a physical reward. I’ll probably take the rewards, because I need stuff and have time to do travels, but it’s an interesting concept.

Overall, I’m looking forward to it, but with my usual reservations about skirmishes taking such a central role. Here’s to hearing a release date! (am guessing 1-4 March for Europe, as I’m in London then ;p)


Relics, and the crafting thereof

December 4, 2009

With the Siege of Mirkwood, Turbine introduced a category of Legendary Item (LI) relics that are crafted and fit into a 4th slot on your LI. Here’s a quick guide I drew up for my kin this morning (with help from Feor!):

For each craft there are three types of relics you can craft:


(1 day cooldown)*

+10 to a stat/+power or morale (can be traded, pre-deconstruction)


Requires 61+ LI

(3 day cooldown)*

+20 to a stat/+power or morale


Bind on Acquire,  Requires 65 LI

(1 week cooldown)*

Choice of:

  • Symbol of Battle – +390 Melee Crit Rating, +390 Melee Offence Rating
  • Symbol of Accuracy – +390 Ranged Crit Rating, +390 Ranged Offence Rating
  • Symbol of Tactics – +390 Tactical Crit Rating, +390 Tactical Offence Rating
  • Symbol of Vigour – +390 Outgoing Healing rating, +390 Tactical Crit Rating

*cooldowns are on crafting the barter items needed to make each relic

Craft specifics

Each craft has a specific stat they can raise on the Purple and Teal relics, both of which can be traded. The Gold relics are Bind on Acquire!

  • Tailoring – +Fate
  • Weaponcrafting – +Vitality
  • Metalsmith – +Might
  • Cook – +Morale
  • Jeweller – +Will
  • Woodworker – +Agility
  • Scholar – +Power

Each guild craft trainer has three reputation-style recipes you can make and then trade in for one of the relics. For example, for Tailors, there are three types of tapestry, and I bought them from the Tailor’s Guild Legendary Recipes trader in the Tailoring Guild house at Esteldin.

Each recipe requires slightly different leathers and ingredients. The one with the least ingredients and no special requirements is the +10 relic. Then the +20 relic requires a Compendium of Middle Earth I, and the gold relic needs a Compendium of Middle Earth II – as well as other normal ingredients.  Once the barter item is made, you trade it in at the Guild Leader.

Compendiums of Middle Earth I & II

New special ingredients, brought in with the expansion. But do not fear, there are at least two ways of getting them. First, daily quests:

  • Myndil (Relic-Master of Flaming Deeps) wants you to kill orcs and worms for ingots (15) and worm scales (10). Can choose Compendium of Middle Earth I, a selection of relics or a Moria iXP (item experience) rune as quest rewards.
  • Legindir (Relic-Master of Ost Galadh in Mirkwood) wants 25 pieces of pristine webbing from the Scuttledells (level 65 quest). Can choose Compendium of Middle Earth II, better relics or a Mirkwood iXP rune as rewards.

Alternatively, you can trade for them at Curiosities vendors at Skirmish camps. The costs are:

  • Compendium of Middle Earth I: 301 Skirmish Marks, 1 Third Mark
  • Compendium of Middle Earth II: 603 Skirmish Marks, 1 Third Mark

We’re off to Mirkwood

September 4, 2009

I don’t usually do wholesale cut & paste jobs, but here’s the Codemasters announcement of Siege of Mirkwood! No date, expect to hear about one during PAX after all, though. Sounds enough to keep my excitement levels up (except about tailoring!)

Siege of Mirkwood will expand the online world of Middle-earth where players will join forces to press further eastward into the dark, foreboding and treacherous forest of Mirkwood and take part in the epic conclusion to Volume II of The Lord of the Rings Online.

Siege of Mirkwood will be available as a digital download this autumn and provide players with an increased level cap, a new region including the legendary evil fortress of Dol Guldur, major enhancements to combat and Legendary Items and the introduction of Skirmishes, a new system where players will train customizable soldiers and take them into battle as part of the War of the Ring… [I cut out a quotation]


  • The Epic Conclusion to Volume II: Mines of Moria™ – Under the command of Celeborn and Galadriel, players will fight through vast armies of Orcs alongside the Elves of Lórien in a battle that will take them to Dol Guldur, the fortress of the Ringwraiths. This update includes Book 9 and the Epilogue to the sweeping epic tale begun with the award-winning Mines of Moria expansion.
  • Increased Level Cap — Players will be able to advance their characters up to level 65, gaining access to new traits, virtues, skills and class quests.
  • Join Epic Battles On Demand! — Jump into battle with the new Skirmish system. Skirmishes offer endless action in repeatable, randomized instances for up to 12 players. Create and lead your own army of customizable soldiers into battle, training them to greater skill as you earn victories against the forces of shadow. Stand and fight wherever violence erupts with the ‘World Join’ feature, which lets you and your friends band together to fight Skirmishes from anywhere in Middle-earth.
  • Take up Arms! – Infiltrate the dark jails, deadly arenas and savage stables of Dol Guldur, the fortress of the Ringwraiths, and strike a blow against Sauron’s forces in new 3 and 6-player instances. Call upon your fellows to adventure into the most deadly 12-player raid yet and face the ultimate challenge – the Nazgûl Lord!
  • Major Gameplay Enhancements – Turbine continues to improve the award-winning experience of LOTRO with major improvements to the combat and Legendary Items systems. Players will experience improved responsiveness when in the heat of battle. Players will also be able to create and craft their own customized Second and Third Age Legendary Items from raw materials and grow their weapons’ power to level 60. Achieve new Legacies, new titles, and a fourth Runic slot that will make Legendary Items even more unique and powerful.

Details of Codemasters Online’s exclusive European Siege of Mirkwood pre-order and package offerings will be made available soon.

And here’s the Turbine official site for the ‘expansion’.


Some Good Stuff (LotRO)

May 13, 2009

There’s been a lot of chit-chat recently about the dearth of content for those of us at the end-game of LotRO at the moment. It’s true, Book 7 brought in very little except a bit of a grind, and that means we enter a bit of a malaise about having to grind or play elsewhere. But, as a reaction, I’ve also been thinking about a few of the little things I like about the game, ignoring obvious things like the look-and-feel and my lovely character class.

  1. Naming items, talked about it yesterday in the blog, the more we can name, the more difference it makes to us. Weapons especially suit being named. Of course the risk is there that people will name things stupidly, but really, if it’s not out in the open for everyone to see, it’s not that big a deal
  2. Content for small groups. Not just quests, but instances. LotRO brought in some 3-man instances with Moria, as well as some solo ones. Although I may have done the solo ones way too many times to really talk about them too sympathetically, they still remain a challenge to me in some way (esp the item xp ones), and I applaud their appearance in the game. The 3-man instances did remarkably well for not requiring specific classes, and I look forward to the seeing scaleable instances whenever they’re introduced. Next a game needs to work on some duo content!
  3. The cosmetic clothing system is really cool, allowing customisation beyond merely equipment that you have to wear to be more effective. It allows for some real thought and care as to what you display to the outside world, and you can have two separate outfits set up, as well as your actual equipment set. Coupled with dye it means I can dress as a pirate, or farmer, or wear a dress!! All while still in full heavy armour. Turbine have said they’re looking into cosmetic weaponry, something I know we’ll all be just as excited about.
  4. Legendary weapons/items. Items that level either with or independently of the character. It’s a n interesting concept, even if the LotRO implementation needs some tweaking (see Pearls of Unwisdom for details)
  5. Epic books, and epic questlines. despite some noticeable gaps in levels needed for the epic questline in LotRO, the fact these quests have in-depth story ramifications and a truly epic feel to them (mostly, I’m ignoring the delivery bits!) mean a lot to me. They introduce group content, interesting plots and instances, solo bits and pieces to get on with, and they have a progression to them that’s separate from other parts of the game. ie. you can get to 60 and not have finished them at all! They add storytelling and narrative to the game, and I’ll always love them in concept, even if I criticise individual ones. Other games have similar, but not quite packaged in the same way.
  6. Trophies. I’m not a massive fan of the housing, except the kin housing. But, I love the trophies from bosses and random mobs that I can mount in my personal house. We all like to show off, from titles to cool gear. Although no-one much may visit my house, I love going there and seeing all my favourite trophies out on show.
  7. The music system. Popped into my mind while I was writing about something completely different. I don’t do much with the music system, but it’s an incredible addition flavour-wise. You can learn to play different instruments, you can play original or non-original music, you can synch up with your friends and make a band. I’d love to see something like this in all games to help players expfess their creativity.

Best place to farm…?

January 24, 2009

I was looking at some of the search terms people have used to find this blog (whoever searched for ‘hit cat with nerf ball’ – you are not welcome here!). Aside from ‘hard mode’ and the various new LotRO instances, one of my most popular random searches is people looking for the best place to farm Second Age items in Moria. Standard legendary weapons/items are third age, they’re the purple loot. Second Age is teal and the items can level higher and therefore gain more legendary points and have more chances of getting a good skill (I can see I may need to explain this sometime). First Age stuff is from the Watcher raid only, currently (and as far as I know).

Second Age stuff can also sell insanely well on the Auction House, so there’s a lot of interest, naturally. Now, my friends have some theories about the best places to farm such items and they’ve done ok there. In fact, I only bought one of my Second Age items (and yes, that means I’m lucky enough to have a few donated by a friend). Do I publish the place we go here?

Which leads to that interesting question about blogging/commenting on forums/etc? What information do you keep to yourself? I’ve been fairly open here about servers I play on, guilds I belong to and my character names – because frankly I don’t expect many people will ever see this blog and I’m not too worried about it anyway. But will I spill the secret of where we go to farm Second Age legendary items? Not sure, it seems a bit like a betrayal. But there’s also the fact  I don’t necessarily believe it’s any more likely to drop them than any other place where you can fight level 60 mobs (there’s your clue, fight the highest level mobs and at least you’ll get higher level legendaries!).

Would you tell?