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Little links from a tired mind

February 4, 2010

First of all, you should all go listen to the Casual Stroll to Mordor podcast. It’s well put-together, interesting to listen to and well, in the latest one they interview Turbine developers about skirmishes, and come out with some juicy information!

Secondly, go read Syp’s article on games journalism. I only read a couple of ‘journalist’ sites since I became a part-time blogger, mostly because of the things he describes.

Then, Melmothulhu from KIASA found a link to some awesome Macbook stickers. I’d get one for my husband but he likes his aluminium pristine ;p I especially like the Snow White one, for its usage of the apple, but I’d BUY Iron Man, naturally.

And, once you’ve seen the season 6 Lost premiere on friday/monday/whenever you get it in your country you should go read Mo Ryan’s comparison between Lost and Supernatural (there may be the odd Supernatural spoiler for S5 in there too, since the UK hasn’t started it yet. So I include this with spoiler warnings, but I have a few US readers who might enjoy!


Finishing up the Feed Reader

November 5, 2009

It’s clear! I’ve read it all! And with a cat sleeping on my keyboard so I can’t type without hitting her ear (got to love helpful cats). So here goes, with two stories from a variety of blogs this time – one about WAR and one about LotRO:

A lot’s been written about the new WAR free trial, taking out the 10 day restriction and just opening up Tier 1 for free play. WAR is a game that will always be close to my heart and I would definitely boot it up sometime post-Mirkwood and play through some Nordenwatch for old time’s sake. I hope it gets them some extra subs, and going streaming is great too. Of course, it’s not ALL good news, because apparently GOA hasn’t announced a similar scheme yet.

When we were writing The Book of Grudges back in the day, it always frustrated me how much of my time I had to spend talking about the differences between the EU and US experience for players. I thought I’d dropped that as a topic when I switched to a more generic blog, but now it’s raised its ugly head for me in LotRO. Turbine run and develop the game in the US. Codemasters run it in Europe. In terms of server stability and even my own personal experience with GMs, I have no problem with the Codemasters service. But, it did take an age to get EU players access to the Lorebook for editing purposes (a bit of a smokescreen I have to say and one I never got behind, because I think the Lorebook is pretty pointless).

But with the my.lotro service, Turbine has finally produced something related to the game that I am actually jealous of, and which I’m mad at both Turbine and Codemasters for not extending to the EU players. So now to the links, right? Well, both Casual Stroll to Mordor and Doc Holiday talk about the new class-specific lotteries being held on my.lotro at the moment. And this follows some more generic lotteries. It sounds fun, it sounds community-building, and we don’t get it. Grr.

(Spinks just asked if I’d pick an EU service again. It’s looking less and less tempting with each game with a split in service).


Tackling a Boss Monster

November 4, 2009

So, I decided to make a stab at tackling my Feed Reader today, in some of my spare time. I’m greatly enjoying reading everyone’s blog posts, even though I’m hideously behind with things. Haven’t finished it yet, but here’s some of the things that caught my attention:

  • Blizzard to start selling in-game cosmetic pets for $10 a pop. I’ve been playing the refer-a-friend time with Spinks of late. We’re at level 40 now and my first month is over. Might sub another month to get to 60 when the R-A-F bonus runs out. But I hate microtransations, so I’m feeling a bit more ambivalent today than I was yesterday.
  • Free Realms transforms into Fee Realms at level 5 in more microtransation news. Don’t mind this one so much as you get to dabble free, and apparently the costs are fairly small.
  • The new Siege of Mirkwood trailer is up and available and deals with the Lieutenant of Dol Guldur – the lack of a name stems from licensing issues, according to Zubon.
  • KIASA name Torchlight Diablo 2.5 in reviewlet I’m totally in agreement with.
  • Tom Chick over at Fidgit enters into a bit of a spat with Bioware over the extra storage in the $7 DLC and accuses the company of nickel-and-diming. Bioware replies.
  • The Wii is dead, long live the… ?
  • Green Armadillo takes a look at the marketing and pricing of the Siege of Mirkwood and the extension of the pre-order deals and deadline. It’s an interesting take and cites some other things to read on the subject, which I greatly enjoyed. Not sure it’s a cover up, since it seems blindingly obvious they’re taking money for what was once free to players in content updates… but valid points, nonetheless. 

More as I catch up further tomorrow!



October 22, 2009

Been knocked a bit for 6 again this week, so taking it lightly. So here’s the reason behind some of the pages I link to:

Hawley keeps me busy, let’s all read his blog and encourage him to learn to add tags and post himself (me, I do it by adding ridiculous tags until he screams ‘NO! I canna take it anymore!’ – hasn’t worked yet). His blog is whimsical, always amusing and, of course, FABULOUS.

One of my kin in LotRO, unwize explains the game taking the kin by storm. Inspired by Massively it appeals to the explorer in all of us. Head on over to see him write about the game, and explain the rules he set up. Seriously, it’s taken the kin by storm. I’m just FAR too lazy to go looking for scenes, though I’d like to contribute some sometime, I guess.

Another kinmate Berathe is making inroads into blogging. Her poetry is second-to-none and another whimsically serious LotRO-focused blog, with added zombies and horror. Ode to a Laptop is a modern classic.

Spinks is, and has always, been my blogging cohort. We started together and we still talk topics every morning. Just, she tends to write about stuff, and I tend to talk about it. Ha ha. Oh, and in Tobold-esque full disclosure, I should mention we’re also testing the refer-a-friend sick-speed levelling in WoW. It lets me chat to her with graphics behind us, it’s just as much WoW as I can deal with, and I still keep my levels chugging along. Hawley inspired me to make a shaman, but I have zero idea what I’m doing.

These are some of the more personal ones. I’ll go through some of the others as the days go by, because I’m still having a bit of a time away from computers and this eases me back into blogging, while hopefully giving you some useful background into why my blogroll looks the way it does.


Hi ho, Hi ho…

October 16, 2009

Overtime for me at work, which excuses the current tranche of quiet on the blog.  And so.. a bit of random is good for the soul:

First – go to A Casual Stroll to Mordor and read their Harvest Festival guide. I am a known hater of in-game festivals, but even I did a few of the festival quests last night, while waiting to kill the Evil Turtle of Moria (hrrm, I wonder if he was corrupted by The Watcher living so close by).

We’re raiding tonight, I’m working tomorrow also – should make for some interesting times… hope there’s something easy to cook for dinner!

Too many TV shows at the moment, now trying to work out my favoured order for watching them. I may share it one day, but let’s just say Supernatural is right up there right now!

Diesel still has a limp, is still on full meds even though it was supposed to be quite a bit better by now. Calling vet today to make another appt for next week. Knowing there’s nothing they can do vs. wanting him to be 100% again. Grr.

Codemasters say their cake contest is just waiting on winner contact etc now, so we should see the prize-winners soon. Imagine this means I didn’t win and all my efforts to learn how to decorate cakes will be shelved for another 20-odd years. I wanted to support the contest, but I think perhaps I will steer clear of artistic ones in the future ;p They are very nice about sending postcards to runners-up though! And who knows, eh?

Things are more hectic than I’d like right now. C’est tout.


In Which I Attempt a Links Post

September 15, 2009

I can’t even begin to list all the blog posts that have kept me entertained and enthralled while I’ve been away from home, so I had to start afresh, and thought I’d link to some of the more recent stories and posts that I’d recommend:

First of all, from the Codemasters’ Blog, I bring you Faya’s favourite designs in the recent Design-a-Horse competition. You have to love the pimped out tiger skin blanket and the Pirate Horse. Arrrrr!

Bootae brings up a fascinating subject that I may return to sometime if I remember. If you had to pick your golden team of classes from any MMO, what would it consist of?

We Fly Spitfires asks about whether guild websites are worth it? To be honest, I couldn’t imagine not having a guild website, the amount of tattle that goes on on ours is fairly legendary (including the current thread where people post screenshots and everyone else has to try and guess where it is in-game).

Syp reminds me of my beloved ‘No Elves’ campaign, and notes that IGN have joined. He also warns of the dangers of elves in Dragon Age. Reader, beware.

Skar has some wise words on MMO tourism. It reminded me how often I compare things to DAoC, and they come out poorly.

Congrats to the Ancient Gaming Noob on 3 years in the sun! Always worth reading, too.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun cover the Bethesda/Interplay legal wranglings, and I echo their words. Go read the full article they link to. Sobering thoughts, and it saddens me, because I love Fallout, in all forms and flavours.

Go read Hawley’s blog! (slipping it in there, did you notice?)

That’s it for now, am saving more each day.


Some Links – Catching Up

July 8, 2009
  • My favourite speculation on WoW’s Cataclysm comes from Killed in a Smiling Accident. I’d love this to be the case, and it does neatly solve a few problems for Blizzard.
  • Shadow WAR brings up one aspect about Land of the Dead I hadn’t previously considered. It may not be the same on every server, but still…
  • Skar weighs in with his views of WAR’s LotD, touching on one of my everlasting bugbears – Mythic’s PR. It’s interesting reading, as always
  • I love Gaarawarr’s correlations between Monopoly and WAR. Playing Monopoly with my family is about the nearest to PvP I get in real life ;p
  • I’m with Syp, in that Aion isn’t for me. I’ve played some of the beta – it’s gorgeous, the flying is fun and the quests and classes are fine, but for the moment, it’s just not for me – I doubt I’ll write much more about it except to say this, too many people are covering it in much more detail. I’m just busy!
  • Green Armadillo isn’t wrong, Turbine offering too many return-to-LotRO events one after another is a little weird – no idea what to make of it, but do hope they announce Rohan pretty quickly