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August 28, 2009

I’ve pared down my blogroll instead of increasing it. I read a ton of blogs on my RSS, and I just went through a spring clean before I consider re-blogging here.

I didn’t use any strict criteria, the blogroll is a more personal thing for me. People I consider friends as well as blogs I wouldn’t want to miss reading. And it’s my first port of call. The RSS feeds I save for when I have time. But I still read them.

This is a very personal blog. It’s not going to ever get you big hits if I link to you, so don’t get offended and don’t assume I don’t read you if you’re not up front on the blogroll here.

I’m working on a couple of side projects your links might be better suited to. Or, I might not blog enough here to make it worth noticing!

Nerf the Cat is moving directly to a more personal place. I’ll talk about what I’m playing, watching, thinking. I won’t be upset if you don’t visit, or comment or link to me (except when Spinks doesn’t, cos she has my bond of blood). But bear it in mind.

I don’t have anything that important to say about MMOs and gaming, except what I’m feeling and thinking about it on any given day…



May 11, 2009

It’s been a tough couple of days for me, decision-wise. I knew I’d have to close down Book of Grudges eventually, I can’t keep blogging in two places at once, and my focus isn’t as tightly on WAR as it once was.

I didn’t expect it to coincide with my 6-month sub ending and my chosen server (Burlok) dying a death.

But sometimes you just get to feel a bit fatalistic about things. I’m not going to re-sub until June, I want some time away from it, and to reflect and consider all the changes that will come with a server change, and whether I want to stick with my Rune Priest, or continue with my Magus instead on Karak-Azgal (I hope to move my Rune Priest to K8P!).

There’s a lot of good about WAR. The community is passionate, articulate and friendly (generally). The first tiers are great fun, and the devs listen and respond to feedback (though who wouldn’t love to hear a Mark Jacobs State of the Game address about now). The Land of the Dead sounds like a great upgrade, with more solo-friendly content, better handling of wards (d’oh, this should really have been in a while back since it annoyed so many) and an alternate end-game. There’s a lot of hope at the end of the tunnel.

But I personally need a few weeks away from it all.

As for Book of Grudges, the content under my sole command definitely suffered, and I feel I’m secure enough with posting here that I can make all my WAR commentary here just as easily now and I’m not just giving up on blogging per se. Thanks to everyone that’s been supportive of this new blog, and to Spinks and my friends for putting up with me for so long!

Expect my first Warhammer-related posting soon (it might be messy, but we had an interesting idea down at the pub. Oh boy!)