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Hi ho, Hi ho…

October 16, 2009

Overtime for me at work, which excuses the current tranche of quiet on the blog.  And so.. a bit of random is good for the soul:

First – go to A Casual Stroll to Mordor and read their Harvest Festival guide. I am a known hater of in-game festivals, but even I did a few of the festival quests last night, while waiting to kill the Evil Turtle of Moria (hrrm, I wonder if he was corrupted by The Watcher living so close by).

We’re raiding tonight, I’m working tomorrow also – should make for some interesting times… hope there’s something easy to cook for dinner!

Too many TV shows at the moment, now trying to work out my favoured order for watching them. I may share it one day, but let’s just say Supernatural is right up there right now!

Diesel still has a limp, is still on full meds even though it was supposed to be quite a bit better by now. Calling vet today to make another appt for next week. Knowing there’s nothing they can do vs. wanting him to be 100% again. Grr.

Codemasters say their cake contest is just waiting on winner contact etc now, so we should see the prize-winners soon. Imagine this means I didn’t win and all my efforts to learn how to decorate cakes will be shelved for another 20-odd years. I wanted to support the contest, but I think perhaps I will steer clear of artistic ones in the future ;p They are very nice about sending postcards to runners-up though! And who knows, eh?

Things are more hectic than I’d like right now. C’est tout.



August 30, 2009

And in a personal update. Did I mention I got promoted at work? It’s cool, and means I’ll be working saturdays only. Which means more time for games, and um.. other hobbies! (expect lots of news of the bread varieties I’ve learned to bake as it’s an obsession).

Also means I get to read a ton of teenage books, since I’m taking over the teenage book club in the library I’m moving to. Am really quite excited! Love the idea of teen reading group and means I can get in plenty of fantasy literature. In a non-creepy kind of way.

Have caught up with Song of Ice and Fire, so now await the next book. Just started Malazan books by Erikson. In comics am reading Persepolis, and have a couple of JSA books at home. Also eyeing up Fables, so that’ll probably be next.

In theatre, I want to see Priscilla.

In TV, I await with impatience the recommencement of Supernatural, and every other show. But especially Supernatural right now.


BoGged Down

June 17, 2009

Today I removed Book of Grudges from my ‘Favorites’ list. Can’t believe it stayed on there that long, esp. as it’s not exactly hard for me to memorise and type out the URL if I ever want to check it out. Felt strange though, so I thought I’d mention it.

Which brings me to WAR. The pre-Land of the Dead live event has started in the US and is coming to the EU today (ok, so it amused me to have the words Dead and live so close together in a badly-formed sentence), and the buzz has started. Patch 1.3 is out in the wild, ready for action. Sounds like people are having fun with it, though I’ve not immersed myself in too much chit-chat about the ‘expansion’ so far. Mostly because I’ve decided to give it another month before considering WAR again. Partly for things to settle in, so I can take my time about it, and partly cos I’m away for 2.5 weeks in June and I’m too cheap to pay for a month’s play when I can’t make use of it. Ha ha. At least I admit it!

In LotRO, rejoined my old kin, and was a bit overwhelmed by background chatter again, albeit friendly and welcoming. Was the right choice at the right time, and we celebrated by um… doing a 3-man instance 3 times (that sounds like we were invoking some weird spell, I wonder if we went around widdershins or deosil!). Anyway, was a good night and about all I could manage after finally getting on my bike and doing a commute to and from work for the first time in a while.

Dentist today. !joy. Then maybe alcohol, depending what dentist does. One of my fave co-workers leaves this week, and the mood is therefore sober and not-sober all at the same time.