The best way is probably through comments, but you can also find me as arbitrarygenius on twitter (as we all know, I’m more arbitrary than genius!).



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  3. Hey there, Nerf…or Arbitrary? Not quite sure how to address you best. Anyway, it’s possible you might recognize me as the frontman of the Free Play Podcast, or Co-host of the Multiverse (or some other place on the internet…)

    I apologize for my forwardness,but I have recently revamped my site a great deal and have been getting back into blogging again, as well as trying to get in touch with the community again. Is it possible that you would be willing to add my site to your blog roll? As we have you on ours, my new team mates and I would deeply appreciate it.

    That said, I understand that it is a very imposing request, and hold no grudges if you would rather not add us.

    Regardless, I thank you for taking the time to read this, and hope to keep in touch whatever you decide.

    (Sorry for the business like proposal as well… I’m inherently formal on initial meetings)

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