So I guess I’m blogging again

August 1, 2016

In a rash decision I signed up for Blaugust 2016  yesterday and committed to posting something here every day. I haven’t blogged in years. I’ve always kind of wanted to get back to it, but had dropped into a pit of thinking I had nothing much to offer in the way of interesting opinions, especially as I dropped out of gaming through a bad back, anti-social working hours and spending too much time on my own sitting in front of the TV.

So I can’t promise this will be insightful, interesting or otherwise all that great. But I hope that within the month, there’s at least a few things worth reading.

Topics I hope to  cover include:

  • Comics – my main passion at the moment. I get quite a few per month, and also have a subscription to Marvel Unlimited, so there may be some suggested reading lists (or links to places to find them)
  • VR gaming – we have an HTC Vive, and while I’ve not played with it much, I have enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would
  • TV / Films – I’m still a TV-obsessed creature, and I have a cinema subscription card, so I can see as many films as I want at local cinema for £17/month. This means I see most things
  • News / Media – can’t promise I’ll delve into this one, but my work involves reading a lot of world media and occasionally there may be something I want to say about how things are reported, and maybe suggest some good places to get news

There’s probably other things too, and if there’s anything you want to know about, just let me know and I’ll try and come up with something!

(Also, now re-learning WordPress, so don’t be surprised if things like changing my Blogroll takes a few days – it will happen)


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  1. Yay!

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