Onto comics

August 2, 2016

I’ve always been a comics fan, from a very young age. And I’ve always maintained some level of interest, but over the past few years it’s become stronger again. And I’m bound to talk about comics a fair bit here.

So, because Tuesdays are my nightmare work day, I thought I’d give a list of comics I’m currently following:

  • Nightwing (because if you don’t love Dick Grayson, you should)
  • Batman (because Tom King may be one of the best writing talents in comics)
  • Captain America: Steve Rogers (because, Cap!)
  • Captain America: Sam Wilson (because SamCap! and Misty Knight)
  • The Thunderbolts (being led by Bucky Barnes atm, will have tie ins with Cap)
  • Moon Knight (I will definitely write more about this one!!)
  • Mockingbird (ditto)
  • Vision (one of the best comics out there, about to end it’s run)
  • Power Man and Iron Fist (because Iron Fist is one of my fave chars, and it’s great)
  • Vote Loki (4-issue run, 2 issues down)
  • Civil War II: Gods of War (I’ll talk about CW2 as well, and why I’m not wholly in)
  • Saga
  • And.. the next few issues of Invincible and International Iron Man (2 titles)

I’m also currently reading Preacher and then dipping into some older collections on Marvel Unlimited.

It’s a very Marvel-heavy list, and I buy a mix of hard-copy and digital titles. Comics are getting expensive, so may have to cut back a bit and rely more on Marvel Unlimited (a subscription service, that makes Marvel comics available 6 months after release, and has a TON of back issues).

Apologies for the brevity. I was going to seriously cave and not post today, but even I know that giving in so soon would be far too ‘me’ 🙂



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